I Promise to Help!

I Promise to Help
Want to put your tangling talents to a good use?  I am collecting tiles for The Red Thread Promise. This organization helps children, both here and abroad, by providing medical treatments and other essentials that we often take for granted.

I am collecting tangle tiles to help raise money to support their awesome mission.  The original art will be available for sale or auction (depending on the response.)  Also, I will scan all of the images and make a poster that will be available for sale.  All proceeds will be donated to The Red Thread Promise.

Want to help?  It's easy.  Simply create a traditional Zentangle tile*, black and white, but put a single red "thread" running through it.  The red can be your string or just a red line interweaving through your tangles.  When you have finished, put your name on the back along with your location, city, state, country, whatever you are comfortable sharing.  Send your tile to me:

Cris Letourneau
6285 Blacklick-Eastern Rd.
Pickerington, OH 43147

*If you don't have a tangle tile and there is no CZT in your area for you to get one from, contact me and I will send you one free of charge.

I have made a flickr group for the scans. If you want to add yours directly, you may do so at I Promise to Help Flickr group. Otherwise, I will scan your tile and add it upon receipt.

Please leave a comment before you send your tile to me so I will know to look for it. Thanks so much for your help!

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  1. I am from India and I would like to send a couple of pieces created by me and my husband.

    However we do not have a tangle tile!

    However I can make them myself using a very good,acid free drawing paper , cut accurately to 3.5" x 3.5" square and may-be do a couple of zentangles on the "Red thread theme" and send it across.

    Would that be okay?

    Could you please send me a response to my e-mail given below?


  2. I would also like to create a zentangle tile. I am not familiar with CZT. Is this a store? Is this a white non shiny tile that you would put on your bath or kitchen wall? If you have an extra you can send me I would be happy to be a part of this project. You can email me at

  3. Two shiny tangles on its way!!
    Good Luck

  4. Hi Cris, I have two tiles I will be sending you. Thanks for a fun challenge, and good luck on the entries... I'm sure you will get plenty!

  5. Cris, thanks for the challenge. I will be sending you a tile.

  6. I 'promise' to send my tile in tomorrows mail!
    Cheers for a great auction. It will take about 10-14 days to reach you.

  7. I don't have any tiles, either, but would like to participate...could I use my own paper cut to the right size? I would like to make a couple of them to send to you. You can just answer me from my blog!! Thanks!

  8. I will be sending my tile out to you first thing Monday morning. My only question is will this be something that will be ongoing or is there a time limitation as to when they need to be in by. This would make for a fantastic class to hold. Thank you so much for this challenge.

  9. Posting my tile to you today. Thanks for the challenge and sharing the cause.

  10. I'm humbled by the generous response to this project. Thank you so much for offering to help. I've seen some of your tiles at chez Diva and they are beautiful.

    Denyse, I hadn't thought that far ahead, but it would be great to have an annual poster.

  11. Hi Cris... I just posted my tile to Laura's challenge page, and I'll have it in the mail to you soon. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in such a worthwhile project. I hope we will be able to purchase copies of the poster, it sounds like it will be a wonderful keepsake.

  12. I posted my tile on the Flickr Group page. Do you also want it mailed? Thanks for the challenge!

  13. Martha, if you want to participate in just the poster and you put a high-quality image on Flickr, then I can probably grab your image from there. If you want to be a part of the auction of original artwork, then I will need the original artwork. So, I guess I'm saying that I'd prefer you mail me the tile.

    Genevieve, I will definitely make copies of the poster available for purchase. I'm so excited about this project. I just love all of the creative directions people have taken this. I'm looking forward to seeing your work in person.

  14. Hi Cris,
    I'll send my tile in tomorrow. Looking forward to buying the poster, too! :)

  15. Hallo Chris,

    This is the first time I visit your blog and I wonder if you are still collecting tiles for this 'Red thread promise'. If so, I'll send you one or two from Holland.
    What a brilliant idea!!!!

  16. Chris, I'll send you two tiles, that I made, this weekend. Great idea and I'm glad I can participate is this 'promise'.

  17. If you are still taking entries, I would love to send you a couple. I don't have "real" tiles but I do have real nice water color paper that I can cut to size. :) Would that be okay?

  18. I wondered if you were still taking entries for this?


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