Sunday, January 30, 2011

Welcome to the New Address

Thanks for visiting me at the new place.  I will update the title when I get time.

The last two days have been very tangly indeed.  Yesterday, I tangled through Birdie's two and a half hour Shakespeare class.  Their guest teacher was so inspiring, I tangled a card for the kids to sign.

They kids really liked it and asked me to teach a class at our co-op.   It's so exciting to have people who want to take a class already.  I can't wait for next month's CZT seminar.

Today I tangled watching TV next to my sick child and then waiting in urgent care and then waiting for her prescription to be filled.  It is a blessing to have something to do with my hands in these kinds of situations.  I just love a portable hobby.


  1. I'm sorry to hear your child was ill. My 19 year old daughter called crying for her mommy last Tuesday and I drove three hours through a snowstorm to be with her in Emerg. She'll be fine; it's amazing what we'll go through for our children. And congrats on the new site; I love your tangling.

  2. I tangle a lot in doctor's waiting rooms... but sometimes other patients get interested in what I'm doing... and we talk... and an element of creativity and hope seeps into the room! I don't have children - but when my partner was ill, sitting hospital bed-side was very hard. So you have much empathy from me. xoxo I'm hoping to get to the October CZT seminar. You'll love it, I know!! (Can't be long now?)


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