Virtual Book Club

Welcome to the Virtual Book Club.

We are studying Beckah Krahula's book One Zentangle A Day. We started out  doing it as one Zentangle almost every day and made it through that intense schedule for almost half the book. Although everyone enjoyed the challenge, none of us really had time for this and things were beginning to suffer.  So, now we are following a more relaxed schedule.

Day 31: 3/31
Day 32: 4/3
Day 33: 4/10 (since I will be away that weekend.)
Day 34: 4/14
Day 35: 4/17
Day 36: 4/21
Day 37: 4/24
Day 38: 4/28
Day 39: 5/1
Day 40: 5/5
Day 41: 5/8
Day 42: 5/12

Each day your hostess will share her experiences in creating the day's lessons. You may email your thoughts and picture of your work to me, your club coordinator, at Tangled Up In Art at g mail dot com. I'll then put your work up here.  If you have your work on your own blog, the just e-mail me the location and I will link to your blog.

You can jump in at any time!

I am the weekend hostess and your Wednesday hostess is Ellen Gozeling.
She was a fellow classmate of mine in CZT seminar 5. Here is what Ellen has to say:
I live in Sassenheim, a small place between The Hague and Amsterdam... Yes, in The Netherlands. The district I live in is called the Flower district. So for 9 weeks a year I live between the tulips and the other bulb flowers. And I love it! 
 Zentangle was introduced to me a little over 2 years ago. And I decided to become a CZT and went to Boston for class #5. There I met Beckah, and I loved her energy and her art. And she was sharing her work and all kind of techniques, and I just absorbed it all. And forgot half! So I'm very pleased with her book, so I can learn from her again and have the book as a back-up. 

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  1. thanks for hosting this - I started working in this book earlier this week. I'm using the tangle a day calendar and tiles to do the work on. I'll post a link to my work just as soon as I scan and load it!
    elaine huffman

  2. I got my hands on this wonderful book part way through February and have been enjoying it ever since. This is a wonderful idea for sharing in the lessons we are learning. Alas, the whole One/Day thing is not a reality that my life allows. I'm just starting day 12 now and it's been over a month since started. Hmmm... maybe I could give up a few hours of sleep each day. Nope. I like sleeping way too much to do that and nobody wants mama to be a bear. Anyway... on to the question. I could start sharing my tiles now if this is possible or desirable. Easier now that I've finally gotten my website rebuilt (mostly). Should I?

  3. I'm sorry that i missed this, will be looking for this book, seems like a lot of fun,and training you to meditate every day which must be good for you


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