My Book: Made in the Shade

My first book is available from CreateSpace (preferred) or
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Want to learn more about shading your tangles? Then pick up a copy of my book.  Here is the Table of Contents, so you can see what is in it:

If you follow the link above to Amazon, you can see more using their "Look Inside" feature.  

Made in the Shade: a Zentangle Workbook
Authored by Cris Letourneau CZT
List Price: $15.99
8.5" x 8.5" (21.59 x 21.59 cm) 
Black & White Bleed on White paper
130 pages
Cris Letourneau, CZT
ISBN-13: 978-0615753225 (Custom)
ISBN-10: 0615753221
BISAC: Art / Techniques / Pen & Ink Drawing
Learn to shade your Zentangle art with confidence and creativity. This workbook is for the intermediate to advanced tangler who wants to learn more about shading. It includes step-by-step instruction with exercises on shading techniques, dozens of ideas for shading 20 official tangles, plus 4 step-by-step shading projects to teach the reader to analyze a tile and use shading to create a focal point, improve contrast, add dimension, and enhance the overall design. Plus, there are instructions for drawing 12 new tangles. Finally, there are 36 tiles, 6 artist trading cards, 3 Zendalas, and 4 pieces of Zentangle-Inspired Art from artists around the world for inspiration and practice.


  1. Cris - this book looks great and I know it would be a big hit with my students. Can't wait to get it when it comes out.

    Lara Williams. CZT 1

  2. 1. Yes, but I'm always eager to learn new ideas!
    2. Shading with color fascinates me!
    3. Sure, time permitting I'd enjoy coming to Ohio!

  3. I'm pretty happy with my shading - it's one of my favorite things - but that's why I want to see this book. There are always new aspects I can find in someone else's perspective! I'd love to add info about it to my blog site when it comes out. My son lives in Ohio so I may be able to swing a trip there if the dates work out.

  4. Hi
    1. I am confident in my shading however I love learning new techniques.
    2. How to use color more effectively
    3. I would love to. ...a long commute.
    Amy Goodyear czt 8

  5. 1. I'm pretty happy with my shading in graphite, but am always looking to learn more from other artists.
    2. Shading in color is a specific challenge for me.
    3. Honestly, I'd love to attend, but budget constraints would probably preclude that as an option for me.
    I love your table of contents, and if I don't win, I will certainly buy a copy.

  6. Forgot to leave you my email addy:

  7. 1. I feel fairly confident in my ability to shade my tangles.

    2. The thing most helpful to me would be to learn when to stop shading and exactly where to shade.

    3. Absolutely!!

    Estelle Goodnight, CZT #6

  8. 1. Mostly I feel confident in my shading, especially on those tangles I use the most often and with the standard graphite. However, I am always interested in learning more on the subject and seeing other tanglers' ideas. Where it makes sense, I like to have more than one way to shade a particular tangle.
    2. I could use help with shading in color.
    3. I would love to come to central Ohio, but it's a bit of a stretch for me from the Pacific NW.
    Ann Rupley, CZT 10

  9. Cris, thank you for giving us the opportunity to win a free copy of your book!

    1. Do you feel confident in your ability to shade your tangles? If not, why not?
    I feel confident in my general shading, but sometimes forget that 'less is more' and can go overboard. I'm interested in learning new shading techniques as well as tangle-specific tips and tricks.

    2. What is the one thing you could learn about shading that would help you the most?
    I love the look of dimensional shading and juxtaposing highlight with shadow to create great contrast and I know I can use more help with achieving that look.

    3. Would you like to come to a free shading class in central Ohio in exchange for providing me feedback on the class?
    I'm in Hawaii and coming to Ohio isn't feasible for me, but I think it's a wonderful incentive and a gracious offer.

    ~Julie Evans, CZT #6

  10. 1. Hmmm, I'm reasonably confident but feel I get kind of stuck in a rut sometimes.
    2. Using shading to increase the dimension / make something appear rounded, etc.
    3. I'm in Connecticut so, sadly, coming to OH isn't practical but I appreciate the offer!
    Can't wait to see the book - yay!!
    - Kelley Kelly, CZT9

    1. Whoops - forgot my email! kelley (at)

  11. 1. I am confident with what I know about shading, but I know very little:).....
    2. The basic principles of where to shade.....
    3. I'm in Massachusettts, so, coming to Ohio would be a stretch.....Otherwise, I'd be happy to offer you feedback!

  12. 1. I've had some experience with shading, but the more I use it in my tangling, the more confident I become.
    2. I would like to better use shading to create drama for that Oooo...Ahhh reaction.
    3. I'm practically right around the corner from you and would love to come to a class!

  13. 1.I'm a beginner just learning to pick up the technique.
    2. Perfecting it to look like a natural shading.
    3. I'm in Texas to far for the you have a video?

    My email address:
    Would love to win your book..teaching my 13 year old Grand daughter to pick up the Zentangle Art.

  14. 1. I am pretty confident in my shading, but who knows, I may need more instructions!
    2.Shading w/color sometimes stumps me.
    3. Sorry to far, I live in Calif.
    4. my email is
    Thanks for a chance to win one of your books!

  15. Love shading!!!!
    1. I am confident but am always ready to learn more
    2. One thing to learn is using other types of materials to shade with, other than pencil
    3. I would love to go to Ohio but sooooo far away! From Calgary
    I'll look forward to seeing this book thank you for thinking of such a good idea to extend everyone's work!
    CZT 8

  16. Confidence in shading... hmmmm... I love shading in my work but often don't because I just can't decide how to start. One of my stumbles is around the "realistic vs zen" aspect of shading. Sometimes I can't find a way to make the light source and the shadows connect. Not sure that explanation connected either.

    If I knew... I think I need to learn to let go of reality a bit and just play with shading in as many aspects as I can.

    I'd love to come but Ohio is a long way away. If you start travelling north of the border, I'd love to know.

  17. I'm new to tangling so I'm learning and becoming more confident about shading everyday, but I have a way to go. This book looks like a great resource.
    It's hard to pick one thing about shading, I need help in all aspects.
    Ohio is a little far from me, so I will have to pass on that offer.

  18. I don't actually do a lot of shading on my tangles but if I was better at it then I think my drawings would look much more dramatic. Ohio is a long way from Northern Canada so going to a class is tough but I have gotten very good at learning from a book!

    I did send you an email, but now I am not sure that was the right thing to do!
    Unfortunately you are too far from me to come to a class, but I do find shading to be a bit of a problem - when my art teacher (40+ years ago) was trying to pound shading tips into my head, the mantra was Light Source, Light Source, so I find it difficult to free up my thinking to allow for depth in the appropriate places, light source be damned!! :)
    What I would love to learn is how to do really good shading under the thin loops and curls that come from "grass-like" decoration - I never know when it should be close to the line or further accurately it should reflect and follow the original line...I would love for it to look less like a blurry, accidental mark on the paper and more like a conscious decision!

  20. Congratulations Chris....much success with your new book.

  21. Hello Cris,
    I received your book a few days ago in the post and have been eagerly devouring it ever since. What a triumph!
    Although I am a teaching Calligrapher of over thirty years, I have only been tangling for little over a year and of course like the millions of other tanglers around the world, could not now do without Zentangle (R) and its meditative benefits!
    Having prepared many, many teaching notes over the years with Calligraphy, I recognise and applaud all the work and effort you have put into your book on the subject of shading. I too grew up with the "look for the light source" premise but I have had no trouble understanding the 'form shading', thanks to your examples and clear understandable text. Thank you for sharing it all in such an enlightening way. I live in Far North Queensland in Australia and cannot get to a CZT, but you and many others on the Internet have been a wonderful source of information and direction. Thank you.

  22. Hi, just wondering if you will publish this in digital format??? It's my preferred format and would definitely buy it.

    Thanks so much!


    1. Wretha, thanks for your comment. I thought long and. Hard about whether or not to make a digital version available. In the end, I decided that since this was primarily a workbook, it doesn't make sense to have a digital copy because you would just have to print it anyhow to do the exercises. Also, I have bought digital Zentangle books and don't enjoy them nearly as much.

    2. Thanks for your thoughtful reply, one more thing I would suggest to try to get you to change your mind on the digital format, as you suggest in your book, I printed out copies of the work pages so I could practice outside of the book, a digital format would make that easier... but I understand your thoughts as well, I must admit that I do enjoy holding the physical book. :)

      I did a review of your book, I hope you enjoy it.


  23. Hello Cris,
    I purchased your book in April last year and wrote on your blog then as to how impressed I was. I have been dipping into it between now and then, picking up the tips and instructions. Good books are meant to be re- read over and over, because one picks up something different each time. Just now I was having a coffee break and re-reading your book. It continues to be so impressive! I really wish I had access to a CZT here in Far North Queensland in Australia, so that I could do a course, but as I am also on a pension, even travelling to Tasmania (where there are a couple) is beyond my finances, so I rely on books (like yours) and anything else I can lay my hands on. I LOVE tangling, it has saved my sanity many times and while I have eyes and a hand, I will be tangling until I "drop off the perch" ! Thank you once again for writing it, and so well !

    1. Thanks, Sue. It is always nice to hear that people enjoy my book. I hope you like the next one just as much! PS - My blog is now just '' [remove the blogspot.]


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