Monday, February 21, 2011

Third Time is Not a Charm

The Diva's challenge this week was certainly a challenge to me. I LOVE looking other people's light and airy tangles. I just can't do them.

My first thought was to do something more like zentangle-inspired art instead of a true zentangle. I thought maybe It would be easier if I started with a flower-like string.  This is what I came up with.  Not my style.  Looks half-baked to me.

Evil Eyes
OK - I thought maybe I'd try something somewhat more like a true Zentangle string.  This one I think is a little better, but I don't think very "Zen."  Looks like a bunch of evil eyes.  I know if I "finished" it, that I could salvage it, but that would not meet the challenge.  Back to the drawing board...
Birdie's Tangle - no go
I thought I'd try my DD's original tangle (which I did not do properly, so I was told.)  Clearly, this was going nowhere.  In desperation, I asked her to make a string for me.  She drew the loopiest string in town.  Looked like a plate of spaghetti.  I had the great idea to just leave all of the smaller loops white.  I thought it looked pretty good and was about to pat myself on the back. Then she looked over and said, "Is that what you call space?"  <sigh>
Is That What You Call Space?

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Finally, I tried using a pre-strung tile to my ATC and starting from there.  By this time, my pencil was worn to a nub and everyone was wondering when we would have supper, so it wasn't too hard to just say NO to adding more.

Don't be surprised if you see these at a later time when I've "finished" them!


  1. Each one was a evolution and each has it's value but I will admit that I like the last one best of all. It is really a sweet piece of art!

  2. Ditto above comments.They are evolving- each one leading to the last.Very good use of the white- gives the eye a rest after much patterning.

    We all seem to be the same.Covering everything that is blank!!It is going to be a challenge for me too!

  3. Thanks for showing your process. I love your comment about "finishing" them at some point, hee-hee! They are lovely.

  4. I actually like the first one the best. But it was great to see the whole process. So far, I haven't been brave enough to show my 'rejects'.

  5. I tend to think of most of mine as rejects. Then I go and do something else for a while. The different perspective usually helps me see the value. If not, then I just tangle more.

  6. These tangles definitely have room to breathe, and are wonderful in their simplicity.....

  7. I think they are all fabulous! We find it difficult to adjust to a new style sometimes but if we wait a while and look back at it, we find the new work has grown on us.


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