Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Year of Art

As a child I always thought I'd make a living in art, but somehow ended up in computer science.  I loved the challenges of being a software engineer, but I always had some serious hobby that let me have an artistic outlet.  I went from ceramics to cross-stitch to watercolor to quilting to scrapbooking.   Then I dropped out of the workforce 11 years ago to be a full-time mom.

Somehow during that time, I stopped making time for my art.  Something about homeschooling...  But this year, that will change.  Besides being a CZT-to-be, I am going to find something else creative to do.  Right now, I have 10 art books checked out of the library!  They've actually been checked out for a few months now and are only making me feel guilty.  None of the knowledge has been seeping into my brain.  So here is the new plan of attack.  They are going back to the library today and I will only get one book a month and actually read it and attempt the techniques.

Here are the books if any of you are interested in joining me in my "art journey."  I'll post reviews throughout the year as well as my sketches.  Feel free to hold me accountable!

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