Saturday, March 5, 2011

All New Tangles

I made this tile using tangles created by the new class of CZTs.  My notes aren't the greatest, so apologies if I spelled someone's name wrong or drew the pattern wrong. Instead of shading with a pencil, I used Sakura's metallic Gelly Roll pens.  It is much sparklier in real life.  My scanner does not do it justice.

So, here goes, from left to right and top to bottom:

Ragz by CZT Christina Vandervlist
Flord by CZT Bobbi Florida
Peas by CZT Mara ???
Kirk Pips by CZT Susan Startini
Embrr by yours truly
Snups by CZT Ronni Pressman
Infinity by CZT Carmen Jones
Eyeabull by CZT Suzy Shedd


  1. Cris, do you communicate with the other CZTs from your class? I'd like to let those who don't know about my List of Tangles know about it, and let them know if they'll send me a link to where they post tangles, or if they just want to send me tangle names, I'll add it to the list. That way people will know that names are taken, plus people will start looking for them. I tried to figure out who was knew, but sadly, I hadn't kept track of the names from before, so now I'm not sure.

  2. Pretty cool, Cris! You did a great job and I think your notes were pretty darn good! Oh, and my last name has two v's in it - Vandervlist.

  3. This is lovely Cris. I'm trying to figure out which tangle is which--are you calling the one that runs down the left side Ragz, or is it the one that looks like accordion folds as in a window blind??

  4. Thanks. The one running down the left side, supposed to look like a rag rug, is Ragz. The folding door across the top is Flord.


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