Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Divide and Conquer

I can't understand how every week's Diva Challenge just seems to fit with my life.  When she told us to make a tangle with only straight lines, I was at a loss.  When I first started, I did straight lines, but lately, there aren't many straight lines in my tangles. Actually, there aren't many straight lines in my life.  My current shopping list reads: Zantac, crickets, Nazi Uniforms.  Ain't nothing straight about that!

After thinking about the challenge for a while, I decided to "go with what you know" and "divide and conquer." So, I split the tile in half and did a nice square quilt pattern on it.  After that, it was much easier.  For me, just getting started is way more than half the battle.  Being a procrastinator goes hand in hand with being a perfectionist.  <sigh>

I'm also trying to get some big projects done at home, which I had been putting off for the same reasons. So now I'm off to divide and conquer those.  Happy tangling!


  1. Divide and conquer - excellent plan! I quite relate to the perfectionist/procrastinator challenge. I like the quilty look of your tile.
    Welcome to CZT-dom!

  2. Zentangled patchwork! Love it!

  3. well Cris, you are an inspiration!! this zentangle is awesome, but your process is even more awesome. I also relate to what you said about procrastination/perfectionism. Seeing you take on this challenge in this way gives me more impetus to get on with what I need/want to do in my life. thanks for that.

  4. Cris, your shading caught my eye, it is very effective.
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