Thursday, March 31, 2011

Warning: Curves Ahead

This week's "Diva Challenge" was the opposite of last week: create a Zentangle with no straight lines.  The only challenge here was to overcome my inclination to submit one I had already created!

Then Birdie decided to take the challenge yesterday and created the beauty on the left, so I figured I should, too.

The pinecone-shaped thing in the middle is my Embrr tangle that I demo'd at CZT-V, but the rest is all hers, with help from  Totally Tangled.

Here is mine:
In typical Zentangle fashion, this tile was a complete surprise to me.  I put my dots in the four corners, then thought I'd connect them with a curvy line and put in a loop at the corners. Wouldn't you know it, then my curvy string turned itself into a curvy rope.  Things just took off from there... 

After I tangled the inside of the rope, I thought I was done.  Then the rope needed an aura.  Then the aura looked lonely and the Crescent Moon came out. Finally, I decided to try all of my Fabre-Castel pens, starting from the thickest to the thinnest to put auras around the moons. That is my favorite part. 

Despite appearances to the contrary (especially in 'Nzepple), there isn't a single straight line in the thing. 


  1. Wow, both are great. I love your peace... makes me feel like I'm on a magical carpet ride, weeeeee.

  2. Beautiful for both. That second really stands out to me for some reason.

  3. These are beautiful. But there's something compelling about the rope....

  4. Both of the tiles are wonderful!


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