Thursday, April 14, 2011

Birdie's New Tangle: C's the Day

My daughter Birdie is almost 13 and wants to be a CZT in the WORST way.  Not to be outdone by my tangle Esses, she made one using only cursive c's.  She has a much cuter name, though.  She called hers "C's the Day."  Here are the steps:

And here are a few Zentangles I made using it.

rows of "C's the Day" make a nice wavy effect

C's the Day and Esses and Stripes, Oh My!

I like it.  What about you?


  1. Oh, fun!! (I used Esses on my panda timer... think I'll find something else white and stationary for C's the Day!)

  2. I think Birdie's on to something...the future of Zentangle !!

  3. Please let Birdie know that I just LOVE her tangle - the perfect initial, now, isn't it, Cris? *G*

  4. I like the way this one looks! Thanks.

  5. Great tangle, and brilliant name!

  6. Thanks all for your kind comments. You made her day. We have as much fun naming the tangles as we do making them up.

  7. This is a great pattern. I'll have to try it out because you've made it look so easy!


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