Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Glittery Fun

Jeanie, one of my besties who came to my first Zentangle 101 class, just gave me a book called Designs to Color Glitter. She thought the patterns looked like Zentangle and that it would be fun to tangle. She was right. I LOVE the pens that came with it. You can't see very well from the scan, but in real life they look 3-dimensional. They also look wet. I was afraid to close the book because I thought the ink wasn't dry! Very fun.  I was very surprised at the quality of the pens since she found this at Half Price Books.

When a 4-year-old friend say it, he said, "Ooh, pretty eggs." So, here they are.

I thought the would also fit the spirit of the Diva challenge, if not the "letter of the law."  I definitely did not draw these "strings."

I was going to tell you where you could find this book online, but I wasn't able to locate a source, not even by the ISBN or publisher (Flying Frog.)  So, here is a picture of this little gem.  If you can find it locally, please post in case anyone else is looking for it.

Happy treasure hunting!

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