Friday, May 20, 2011

A Tangled Day

Today was great fun.  I had an awesome class with three friends at noon.  Well, it was supposed to be three adults, but little "Boo" just 8 years old refused to leave and go play with the kids.  What could I do, but give her a tile and teach her also?  She absolutely loved it.

Another Awesome Ensemble
I remarked to one of the ladies that I didn't know she was an artist.  She replied, "You made me one."  How awesome is that?  I love being a CZT.

This evening my artsy friend Sonya accompanied her daughter to our Girl Scout meeting.  Instead of coming to the parent meeting, she just sat at my dining room and tangled.

Check it out! I think she made very good use of her time:-)

Hope all your days can be tangled.



  1. Love Sonya's tile, it's terrific! Nice curlicues.
    (Have to ask: is "Boo" a surprise late-comer to her family? :-) My husband has such a sister, 12 years younger.)


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