Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Displaying your Art

I've been having a great time collecting my miniature pieces of art.  The problem is that they were just sitting in a pile on my desk.  This is no way to enjoy a collection!  After looking at all of the clutter in my school room/guest room/art room, I noticed that there was one spot that was completely empty.  Check out my new collection shelf:

We had a bit of trouble with the wind from an open window blowing some down, so I used a stapler to attach the sleeve to the wall.  Then I slipped the ATC back in.  So, they are secure and I can change out my collection.  

Some of them were landscape mode and they had to be hung.  I used some fishing line and mini clothespins.  
Birdie has been making some art of the places we will be visiting and I will admit that I am terrible about getting artwork framed and hung on the wall.  So, as I was doing a rush clean-up job, I took the pile of artwork and shoved it inside our DVD shelves.  I like that so much better than looking at the DVD collection.

So, do any of you have any clever ways to display children's art?  Or artist trading cards?  Please share if you do.


  1. I love the mini-frame the front of the CD drawers make - gorgeous!

  2. HAH!!! Creative use of space there. I like!


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