Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Challenge Trio

My first thought when I saw this week's Diva Challenge was, "No, I think I will skip this week."  Four new tangles. Ugh.  Then I looked more carefully.  Pais  looks like a tangleation of Flux. Keenees is a tangleation of Jetties, and the other two looked easy.  I tried copying one of my friend Sonya's light and airy strings to see if I could get similar results.  What do you think?

Then I looked at what others had done and realized that they used ONLY the 4 challenge tangles, so it was back to the drawing board. It is so much darker than my usual art is because I was lazy. I sat down to tangle about midnight, wanting to stay up while Birdie had her birthday sleepover.  I grabbed my tangle tote, my water, and my glasses, and sat in my comfy chair.  Then I realized that I only had my 08.  Oh well, I was enjoying sitting down far too much to get up for a proper pen.

So today, I thought I'd give it a go with a proper pen.  This one I didn't like at all until I shaded it.  Next time you don't like one of your tangles, try adding shading.  See if that helps.


  1. I think all three are fun and charming.

  2. Cris, these are all awesome! Charming is a good word for them, Karen.

  3. Cris, just read your comment on the Diva site... love them all, but send the second and third (or just one if you don't want to part with both), since they contain the challenge tangles. Beautiful!

  4. Glad you participated in the challenge! They are wonderful!! :)

  5. My favorite is #3. Love it!

  6. My vote is also for #3. It frequently takes me that many to arrive at something I really like! I expecially like how you put other tangles within Zedbra.

  7. Thanks to all for the kind words. It is nice to be appreciated. (Especially when those closest to you don't do so.)

    Carol - Will send you #3. But #1 also CONTAINS the challenge tangles. It's just not composed exclusively of them.

    Margaret - tangle in a tangle is something I copied from someone else, but, alas, can't remember whom. It is a fun technique.


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