Thursday, August 4, 2011

Do Talk to Strangers

9 tangles
Today was my last day demonstrating Zentangle at the fair.  Today, not only did I have people pick which tangle to use, I had them draw the strings! It was a very interesting experience, definitely a challenge.  It's a good thing the Diva had gotten me into practice for them.  So, here are today's "group projects."

Round and Round We Go
It was a trip talking to the passersby.  Here are three of my favorite comments.

1) In response to my query, "Are you from around here?"  "No, we're from Mars.  That's why these look so familiar.  They're like letters from my mother."  ROTFL

2) "You all have magic fingers.

3) "Wow.  I was just stopping here because I had some time to kill before my flight, but you made my day."

That last one made my day.
So, what do YOU think this looks like?


  1. Fun post, love the tiles and the comments of the people! My very first thought on the last one was that it looked like a hummingbird.

  2. Hello, from Commenter #3! Well, I think that was me, unless other people stopped by the state fair on the way to the airport. My flight ended up delayed, so I wish I had stuck around longer. :)
    I think that last one looks like a stingray.

  3. That's a great idea to have passersby choose the tangles or draw the string. I have an Info and Registration Fair in September and I think I'll try this idea. (Now I need to get to work on my tangle samples!)

  4. Sue - Thanks. I thought hummingbird. Someone else saw a cardinal.

    MB - Hope I quoted you right. I struggled trying to remember what you said - but I did like it! I see a stringray, too.

    Margaret - Glad I could help. It was certainly a trip having others do all of the thinking. I didn't make any special samples. I just brought along a stack of tangles, mostly traditional Zentangles, but a few in color and a few that were representational. Have fun with your fair.


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