Thursday, September 15, 2011

Love and Music

A blast from the past - I used to write "Love" like this
all over my notebooks in high school.

Music is the language of Love.
Thanks for stopping by.  Wishing you plenty of love, music, and laughter in your life.  (If you have a good tangle for laughter, please let me know!)


  1. Good memories Cris, I used to do the same writing at school but not as fancy!

  2. Awesome! These are both wonderful!

  3. Hee hee, I think we all wrote like that at some point during school!

  4. Thanks, all. Glad they made you smile and remember :-)

  5. Great tiles! For some reason, simple little circles floating in space (a very loose tipple) remind me of laughter. And printemps and pais could work well as laughter tangles.

  6. When I think of a laughter tangle, I think of Ahh. Love your tiles!

  7. Erin and Karen - like to food for thought. I foresee a "happy" tile in the near future. Have to get in the right mood for it...



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