Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Pen Shading Fun

I loved the Diva challenge this week: tangle without a string.  I started with flux and things just sprouted from there.  I worked on this tile while Birdie's band was sight reading new music, so I was under the influence of beautiful melodies and a few wrong notes.  I wasn't impressed at all with this tile before shading.  I meant to take a picture for you, but picked up my phone and ended up reading e-mail instead. (That is so me.)

While working on Made in the Shade, I learned so much about pen shading, stippling in particular, that I thought I'd give it a try. Here's what I came up with.
Tangles used: flux, opus, sinuous, za, and frondus
Now, I'm off to edit.  Wish me luck.  Thanks to everyone for the encouragement last week.  I appreciated all of your comments even if I didn't take the time to respond personally.  With the way I get distracted...


  1. WOW the stippling is sensational
    love the whole tile, almost looks like a damsel fly

  2. Really nice, free-flowing and delicate.

  3. Love the way you shaded this piece. Can't wait to see your book and learn more. Good luck and fun editing.

  4. So interesting, neat "wings", great design

  5. Beautiful tile and I really like the effect of stippling as shading. Not easy to do, but very nice.

  6. Interesting composition, as though some one is flying!

  7. I absolutely love your tile. You did a great job of stippling. Every time I look at the tile I see something different and I love that. It has fantastic movement and appears so "alive" to me.


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