Friday, February 8, 2013

One Tangle A Day: Day 6

Woo hoo! It's been a week and I'm learning so much from my fellow CZTs as we are exploring this wonderful book. Day 6 is about "one-stoke patterns." At least that is why the title says. The three tangles are amaze, which is totally new to me, mooka, my least favorite pattern, and flux, my most favorite pattern. So for me, it is a day of contradictions.
The reason I quoted one-stroke patterns is that even I've never done either mooka or flux with just a single stroke.  I guess you can draw mooka with one stroke if you don't cross the tendrils, but I never draw mine that way.
I have been studying how others do mooka and found that I like them much better if they are more pointy at the end, like a teardrop instead of an oval.  And I think my studies are paying off. I've finally made some mooka that I like.  In fact, this is my favorite tile from this book yet.  Maybe practice does make perfect.

Sharon Matys, CZT 10 from Massachusetts shares this:
"So one-stroke patterns, heh? And the Mooka example on the left side of the page the square to the right... the caption states...'From start to finish of this pattern, the pen never leaves the paper... really? Not sure that's the case with that example... call me "critical" :) sorry... somehow that pen left the paper.

I created my tile using these 3 new tangles, then it was just calling out for a little, light & airy fescu... so added that in the end to open it up a bit.

As you'll see in all my submitted tiles, I am trying hard to finalize my "chop"... I've tried utilizing my  first, middle (maiden) and last initial... sdm... but it's too much. I actually like just the 's' that I used tonite. We'll see how that develops.

Getting ready for a big blizzard here in the northeast... might be a nice weekend to tangle!

Looking forward to day #7...

I will be traveling to attend my brother's 50th birthday party, so I will take advantage of the "catch-up" feature of this virtual book club and add Day 6, part 2 on Sunday evening. Enjoy your weekend everyone.
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  1. Wow, Cris and Sharon! Now that I see what can be done when you do not cross the lines while making Amaze, I absolutely will have to give that version a try :) Two wonderful tiles!


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