Tuesday, February 5, 2013

One Zentangle a Day - Day 3


Our  virtual book club is now in day 3 and I love the variety of different tiles people are sharing.  It's not too late to join us.  See the Virtual Book Club page for more information.

The third day of our journey focuses on creating depth, specifically depth by overlapping patterns. Our new tangles are poke root, festune, and hollibaugh.  Of the three, hollibaugh is the only one I use regularly. Poke root is a tangle that never turns out for me.  I try not to have any expectations about the results, but I confess that I can’t help but expect it to look nice.  Maybe not beautiful like Maria’s, but nice.  Alas, it is not to be. If anyone has any tips for poke root, please comment. Here is my tile which I'm not pleased with.  I think there is not enough contrast, but I think I was trying too hard instead of just letting go and going with the flow.



Sharon Matys, CZT from Grafton Mass, sent in this tile.  


I love her poke root. Especially the ones on the top that look like a crown above the crescent moon. Excellent shading here. I can really see the depth in this tile.

Ellen Gozeling, CZT from The Netherlands, contributed this.

Day 3

I like the two variations of hollibaugh.

Finally, Angela Werner, CZT 6, shares her thoughts and her beautiful tile;

This tile was more labor intensive for me. I made a few mistakes (oops, shouldn't say that...) but in any event, I decided to surround "festune" with the darkest of all values, black! The little things totally disappeared and looked flat as pancakes. 

Soooo, I painted the black background white (!) around the "festunes" and will never, ever make that choice again (putting black around festune, that is). I then shaded the festunes and they looked good with shading at the bottom and below them. But, alas, I decided after shading them and signing my "chop" that I actually liked the tile upside down better... Sigh. Go ahead and laugh. That's what I'm doing too. It was definitively a learning experience. I enjoyed placing "poke root" over Hollibaugh. It does add a sense of depth and that's what the lesson is about - overlapping design to create depth.

Overlapping desings to create depth050

I really like the way the dark flows from corner to corner.  It gives nice movement to this tile.

Here are a few more tiles for day 3.

From Marty Deckel, CZT#10

Here's my tile for Day #3.  I enjoyed this lesson, paying special attention to the size, overlapping and shading to create depth.  it was fun to see my tile come alive and take form!  I used Sandy Hunter's string #006.

Day  3 OZAD

I think Marty did a great job creating depth, especially in the Hollibaugh. I can see all of the levels.

Her is one from Maria Vennekens:

Day 3 was about overlapping, new patterns and enhancing. Quite a lot if you are just starting with Zentangle. I tried to keep it as simple as possible to see what a starter would do with the information on the page.

When I see the piece enlarged I see that I could be more precise when drawing and shading.

IMG 8172

Maria, I always think I could be more precise when I see my pieces magnified.  Welcome to the club. 

So, are you playing with us? Please comment or link below.

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  1. I really am working blind on this whole URL thing I hope that I can figgure it all out cus I really want to join in your book club....suggestions?

    1. Vicky, URL is the address of your blog or flickr. It is what you type into your browser address window to go directly to your post or page. The link you provided didn't work. If all else fails, you can email me and I will post for you here.


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