Wednesday, February 6, 2013

One Zentangle A Day: Day 4

Today we welcome Ellen Gozeling as your hostess.  It was her idea to work through this book together. Thanks, Ellen!
Hi all. I'm honored to be your host on Wednesdays. First, let me introduce myself. My name is Ellen Gozeling and I live in Sassenheim, a small place between The Hague and Amsterdam... Yes, in The Netherlands. The district I live in  is called the Flower district. So for 9 weeks a year I live between the tulips and the other bulb flowers. And I love it!
Zentangle was introduced to me a little over 2 years ago. And I decided to become a CZT and went to Boston for class #5. There I met Beckah, and I loved her energy and her art. And she was sharing her work and all kind of techniques, and I just absorbed it all. And forgot half! So I'm very pleased with her book, so I can learn from her again and have the book as a back-up.
Day 4: I looooooooove Shattuck! So I was very pleased that today I was able to play with it again. And with the other 2 tangles, that are a lot of fun too! In my sketchbook I did 2 small drawings. One with strait lines, the other with curved ones. For me the straight ones work better, so I will practice the curved ones, when I have the time.
Then I created the tile. Can you tell I love Shattuck?
And I finished my daily drawing with a tile in my sketchbook with shading on one site. This one I finished in the evening, so the photo is a little yellowish.
I hope you all have fun today!
Thank you Beckah for creating this wonderful book.
And thank you Cris for making this blog.
Day 4 sketchbook aDay 4 sketchbook bDay 4 tile
Angela Werner CZT#9 writes:
Having lots of fun creating the tiles and seeing everyone's tiles too. So interesting to see the different takes. 
Lesson 4 -  Shading, plus using Shattuck, Nipa and Jonqual
This was one happy tile to create. It was pure fun and serendipity. Interesting that Beckah says "shading can make an unrecognizable world seem familiar and inviting." That's what happened to me with this tile. The tile seems to have a circus atmosphere with tents and balloons and I can almost hear the happiness. I never planned that! I love mixing the round shattuck and the line shattuck. Makes for a fun combination. It was fun splitting the shattuck in the middle of the tile and leaving the negative space in the center of the tile is just so pretty to me.  I love jonqual! It's so dignified and strong while being playful too. And, finally, and surprisingly, I think tipple is my favorite tangle :)! 
Here is Day#4 from Sharon Matys CZT#10
I had never tried Nepa or Jonqual before, so this assignment was great. I thought I needed some more contrast in one of the Nepa segments, so I blackened the orbs... not sure if it "works", but oh well... they're always Day #5!
I agree that there is always Day #5, but I really enjoy Day #4, especially your gorgeous Shattuck.  Lovely job shading. Wish I could do Pokeroot that well!

OK.  I am also glad there is Day 5.  I don't like this one at all.  For some reason, I found it very confusing to try and shade with a light source.  Just couldn't wrap my brain around it. But, it is not about the destination; it's about the journey. Today, the journey was unpaved, uneven, and had lots of potholes, but at least I didn't twist an ankle.

Wel welcome comments and links below.
Have a great day and stop back tomorrow to see what else we've learned about Zentangle.

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  1. I agree that shading with an imagined light source is too literal, and at least for me, isn't what Zentangle is all about. It was an interesting exploration, though.


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