Tuesday, February 19, 2013

OZAD - Day 13

Today, I learned a new word: deconstruction. I've always enjoyed flowing one pattern into another, but I never knew it had a name until today. This is something I do naturally, but for some reason I had difficulty doing it on this exercise.  Probably because I was trying to hard.  Anyhow,  here is my result:


From Ellen Gozeling: "I still find it a challenge to get from one pattern into another. But I like the finished tile."

Day 13

From Marty Deckel: "I really like Florz and Onamato, and had fun doing the tile…had even more fun in the sketchbook, working on the "morphing" of one tangle into another!"

Day  13 OZAD

And from Angela Werner: 

Lesson 13 - Deconstructing and reconstructing patterns - plus use Florz and Onamato
Connecting patterns with patterns in a way that flows naturally is where I want to make my growth!
It was fun to create this tile. It was the first time I ever used Onamato or Florz. 
I love Judy Lehman's approach to Florz with the very uneven, curving lines. 
When I created Florz below Onamato, I colored in the diamonds BIG and to
my surprise, It looks like Nzepel when you color in the centers of the flowers...
I love the surprises of Zentangle!

Lesson 13 Deconstructing059

I think the tiles for today are all super. I love both onamato and flora and they look so good together.  Have fun deconstructing and please share what you've done.

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  1. "Deconstruction" is the process of really looking at a pattern you like and figuring out how to draw it in ink without any pencil sketching before. Deconstructing a pattern so you can start with its simplest basic shape or line, and continuing on from there to the end result of the whole pattern/tangle.

    Flowing one tangle into another is a whole other thing, and a whole lotta fun! Just want to make sure we're all using the terminology correctly. It could really get confusing otherwise.

    1. Margaret, thanks for clarifying. When I went back and reread the book, I see that she is indeed saying the same thing you did. I just got confused by the wording. I wish this book had a glossary.


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