Monday, February 11, 2013

OZAD Day 7: Tangleations

Today's lesson is tangleations, one of my favorite things about Zentangle. I love seeing how different patterns can look with just a tiny change.

From Maria Vennekens:
Tangeleations always are fun to do and good for your brain and creativity. I tried on Tipple, Knightsbridge, Nipa and Crescent moon with a white space in the middle.
IMG 8177
I like the tipple done in reversed colors. Reminds me of a starry night.
From Angela Werner CZT #9:
Day 7 - Tangleations open up a pattern's possibilities-  For this lesson I remembered that Maria Thomas did a tangleation of Mooka in the Book of Zentangle on page 92 which shows Mooka being represented somewhat as a flower because she circles 4 Mookas around a center circle. (Go to the book for a better idea) but anyway, I thought that was so lovely that I decided to do that. My version is quite different... but interesting, I think. I seem to do tiles that look like some sort of a place. I wonder what a psychiatrist would say when examining people's tiles. You think palm reading can tell something about you? How about tile reading???? I know one thing for sure about my tiles: no one  can accuse me of being conventional! Amaze is my new love :). It softens all kinds of edges and it can give depth and lead into a new tangle. Very useful. I also did a tangleation of Knight's Bridge by using slanted lines to create a lighter value rather than using the conventional black.Good to know. Something new has emerged: twice in a row I have placed my "chop" within the design. Wonder what THAT means...2013 02 08 16 46 33
What a beautiful tile. I especially love the shattuck tangleation. It flows so beautifully.
From Sharon Matys CZT#10, Massachusetts:

"Early release day from work... home by noon... yay! Time to tangle! I am just learning so much by doing this... I enjoyed Day #7... tangleations... never did one before, that I know of, unless it was a mistake :)

I started with static, texturizing it with shattuck, then onto flux, adorning it with printemps, then knightbridge on 2 corners, one filled in with tipple, the other, amaze. I used fescu on the 2 last corners, and filled in some of the intersections with isochor... I would never have done anything like this on my own... oh, the possibilities.
Most of my tangleations are done accidentally also. I never intentionally made a tangleation.  Love the knightsbridge with tipple. Knightsbridge is so versatile to create tangleations from. It's almost like it's a string. And I just love the isochor with fescu. I never would have thought of that. Very cool.
Ellen Gozeling writes:
I loved doing these tangelations. It's great to have all patterns to choose from and to use, but to put a little of my own imagination into the deal, that makes me smile!
Day 7
Your tile makes me smile, Ellen.
Have a great day exploring tangleations. I hope you enjoy looking at these as much as we did drawing them.

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