Wednesday, March 20, 2013

One Zentangle a Day - Day 29

You hostess, Ellen Gozeling writes:
New chapter, new day. About style, your style. And then there was this feather. If there is anything that is not my style, it is drawing something featherly. Maybe it's because it has to look like something (a feather) and I'm too critical of myself. Maybe it's because it's about putting lines close to each other, between others, and my eyesight isn't good enough to do this.
But, I did give it a try. And to be honest, I draw 2 in my note book, and I'm thinking of taking those pages out (not really, but maybe glue them). And so I started on the tile and amazingly I liked the first half. So I made a photo of it, because in my opinion it would only go downhill from that point on.
And it did, for me, so I put my favorite eke next to it. And then I didn't like it because there was too little contrast. Well. You can see the result. Not one I would put on my wall, but a nice exercise out of my comfort zone.
Then the black tile. I got my metallic gelly rolls and picked light green, because the calendar says its spring today, a nice pink and silver. And I had fun with it, without thinking, without planning. It just happened. And I got a big smile on my face, just by seeing the bright colors.
Looking forward to seeing what you all have done!
Happy tangling springtime, Ellen
I do like Ellen's feathers.  Yes, I think she is too critical of herself.  I think this will be an interesting chapter. I'm not sure I have a style.  Maybe it is still developing.  But, if you take a look at the two tiles I did with a feather, you will see what I mean.
Day29 1
From Maria Vennekens:

This mail is to submit my entry  for day 29. It is the first one in the chapter to find your own style. I am very curious to read what others think about the way this subject is described in this chapter (not only on day 29).
The first challenge of day 29 is to make a feather in making the Verdigogh pattern very pointed. This was a very Zen challenge. Even more than other times I had to slow down and concentrate. I enjoyed it very much and am happy with the result. I don’t like working in white on black - the lines are to bold, and I do not like to work in color. So I think you will not be surprised I did not work on the second assignment of today.
IMG 8225
Sonya Yencer contributed another winner with these comments:
 I was pleasantly surprised by the outcome of this tile. As I worked, Vega began to overpower the design, nearly causing me to stop and toss the whole thing. But I made a promise to myself to always *try* to complete each tile. (It's rare that I don't finish because sometimes I get a surprise at the end, just like I did with this one.) So I kept going, trying to add in something else dark to balance the solid blacks in Vega. Overall I am pleased with the juxtaposition of the fine lifework in Verdigogh against the graphic nature of Vega and Tipple, an unlikely combination.

OZAD 30 sjy

And Sharon Matys is back.  She writes:
I'm back... :)

"Thank you for reworking the one zentangle a day schedule. It sounds like everyone was in total agreement... yay! I skipped a couple of the assignments, busy with life, but I will go back when I get a chance. I really liked doing the feather, can't wait to do another. But when I completed the tangle, I was stumped as to what to do with the rest of the tile. When in doubt, call it done & put it in a frame... ta-da! Glad to be back... I enjoyed your tiles from the days I missed... 26, 27 & 28. I promise I'll do them… don't kick me out :)"Image
Gosh, that frame is perfect.  Wish I would have thought of that on my second tile, instead of cluttering it up with all the other stuff I did.  Really like this curvy feather.  
And, I know Sharon is kidding, but for anyone else reading, join when you want for as long as you want. Skip assignments, whatever.  Work at your own pace.   Just enjoy the sharing process.
And we close out the day with Marty Deckel, who writes:
I wasn't sure if you are posting Day 29 on Wednesday, of if the tiles are due on Wednesday nights for Thursday posting, so I am sending my OZAD-29 tiles tonight...I have 2.  Starting on chapter 5:  Defining and using Style.  Although I love feathers...I don't like how this tile came out...the sketchbook practice came out much better, of course.  And the part b, black tile with jelly roll pens...was fun to do, and, generally, I like using the jelly rolls, but I'm not happy with this tile either. 
Haven't created my mosaic of the past 28 tiles yet, but am planning to.
Day  29 OZAD
Day  29b OZAD
I must say that I am enjoying exploring this book much better when I have time to work on other things in between the assignments.  Thanks to everyone who shared their work.  I really loved the feathers.


  1. All the tiles from this exercise are just stunning! Ellen, you feather is a keeper. I've had tiles where I only like one element and I've eventually upcycled them ... some I've cut apart for cards or journaling, some I inked over the designs I wasn't happy with and, once the ink totally dried, tangled over the area again with white and/or gel pens. That's how I make my happy mistakes happier. But your tile ... I'd keep it as it is ... stunning.

  2. The one thing I have noticed with all the 'feather' tiles is how delicate they all are - not just the feathers. Amazing - I love them all. I think I will have to try drawing a feather too!

  3. Thanks for the compliments. I will look at my tile again with your comments in mind. Maybe I will start to like it too ;)
    And amazing job everyone. Like the tiles you all did. Yes ALL!!!!!

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