Wednesday, March 27, 2013

One Zentangle a Day - Day 30

<Thanks to my typo in the schedule, it's been a whole week since we've done our book club.  I know that I am going to really miss this when we finish the book.>

Your hostess Ellen writes:
Day 30: creating your own tangle patterns.
Well, the first half of this days exercise is about the string. Creating a new string as often as possible. I love tangling without a string, so my first tile I started in the middle and then went with the flow. I'm happy with the result.
Then I decided to do another tile. One with a pattern as string. I have done this before, mostly with patterns as Knightsbridge, Huggins and cadent. This time I went for something different: Echoism. I wasn't so pleased with the result, last night. I thought there was to much blank space and the patterns weren't showing. But this morning I had a fresh look at it, and it made me smile, so now I like it!
And this morning I saw a basket in my bathroom, that is standing there for years now, but today I noticed the nice pattern on it. So now I know what to do this afternoon, after my visit to IKEA. After checking all your great work!
Have a nice, sunny, tangling day,
SAM 1754
SAM 1756
Sonya Yencer adds:
To my recollection, I have always created my own strings, so working with someone else's was a different experience. (I used the center string on page 90.) While I find the pre-strung Zendalas very liberating, this felt a bit forced. Maybe it was the symmetry of the string, maybe it was the tangles I chose, maybe it was the position of the moon! Who knows? Alas, I am pleased with the ripples of Cadent (as I usually am not) that lead to the focal point. It was fun to shade more of the background, a technique I don't often employ. In this case it seemed like a nice backdrop for Purk.
OZAD 30b sjy
 From Maria Vennekens:

I did not know the work of Charley Harper before, but found lots of works of his hand in my computer. I picked one for the string of today’s assignment. It gave a surprising other work than I normally would have made. It is a good suggestion to take other artwork for a string.  Curious to see what the others came up with.

IMG 8226

Marty Deckel writes:
Here is Day 30-OZAD, there are 2 tiles;  one from my sketchbook, with Strings we had to practice, and the other is my tile using one of my strings.  I chose the tulip-shaped one since it's Spring...or at least, it's supposed to be ;-)
Happy Spring!!!
thanks...and thanks to Ellen too for hosting Wednesdays!!!!
Day  30 OZAD

Day  30b OZAD

Well, it looks like I took a different approach to today's assignment.  Since I can't ever remember purposefully repeating a string, except when teaching Zentangle 101, I skipped that part of the assignment.  Creating tangles, on the other hand, is something I do enjoy.  I actually came up with a few that I like, but you'll have to wait for my next book to see them :-)

Here is one that I will share.  I call it "Mock Mooka" and I like it SO much better than the original.  I call it "mock" because it gives the same look and feel of the original, but, for me, it is so much easier for me to draw.  The only difference between my Mock Mooka and Mooka is that all of the tendrils  converge to a single point at the bottom instead of staying separate.  This gives a clear inside and outside, making it so much easier to shade.


So, let's hear from you.  Do you reuse strings or do you draw your own?  

Happy tangling! 

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