Monday, April 1, 2013

One Zentangle a Day - Day 31: Adding Flair

Today we were supposed to pay extra attention to detail and originality. When I read the lesson, I thought, "Gee, I do that already." I didn't think I'd learned anything, but it must have registered deep into my subconscious mind because the work I did for this lesson is some of my favorite to date.

flairflair 1


Maria Vennekens contributes this:

I enjoyed making it but find it difficult to do the assignment to ad flair and personal style. Curious to know whether I am the only one that finds the “definition” of flair rather unclear. The second assignment (which I didn’t do) is going very far away of what Zentangle is supposed to be I think.

IMG 8247

I agree about the definition being rather unclear. I actually looked it up  in the dictionary (which didn't help.) Still, I do like the work she produced.

Sonya Yencer seems to feel the same way about the assignment:

Detail tends to be something I overindulge in. I'm not sure my designs need *flair* as the author puts it, but I tried anyway. I decided to use only  2 tangles: N'Zeppel and Paizel on this piece since I've never used so few patterns on a single tile. I was pleasantly surprised at the flow between the designs. Adding the perfs and broken lines around the edge is nice, but I liked it without just as well. OZAD 31 sjy
 Marty Deckel is the only one of us who tried part two. She writes:
Here are my 2 tiles for Day #31-OZAD-Giving flair to patterns.  Tile one, I liked Ellen's idea of using Echoism as her string, so I borrowed it and put the Paizel inside with some of my favorite Flair!  Tile two, I tried the Illuminated Letter with Tangles...Had never done that before, and actually enjoyed it, since I love lettering and calligraphy.  I do think, however, that I added too much gold around the letter.  I didn't have gold gauche, so I used a gold Pen-Touch by Sakura, and a gold Metallic Gelly roll, a white Gelly roll for a few highlights, and a Bark Inktense pencil and graphite to shade, and made the gold dots with Scribbles Iridescent much fun to play with it all!
Day  31 OZAD


Day  31b OZAD

Ooh, shiny!  I especially love the Scribbles dots. Beautiful work as usual.  

We also have some more who are joining us.  Yay! Please visit their blogs to see what they have been doing with this book.

Arja de Lange-Huisman with Day 31 and

Rebecca Taylor with Day 11.

Have a great week everyone.



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