Thursday, April 4, 2013

One Zentangle a Day - Day 32: Frames

Before we get to today's work, I have some catching up to do.  (I am cleaning out my mailbox before leaving for the retreats.)
Mary Sergeant, who is working along at her own pace, sent a link to her day 20 and here is Danette Pratt's Day 20:

IMG 20130301 071249 1 Clip

Also from Danette, day 24 & 25.
IMG 20130317 172801 1 ClipIMG 20130317 172743 1 Clip
And now on to Day 32.
From your hostess, Ellen Gozeling:
Hi all,
Hope you all had a great Easter weekend, filled with eggs and tangles. Here in Holland the sun is shining, but the wind is still hard and cold. So great day to sit behind the window and feel the warmth behind glass.
Day 32: borders and frames
In the 2 years that I'm tangling I only have done 1 border and that one was in the CZT class, using the pattern Mooka. And I can only tell, because I wrote that on the back. So my second try is different. It took me some time to create a border-string that I liked, but the I started filling it with patterns and I loved it. And the outcome is so different from the first time I did a border, that I might do it again.
After the border I copied the bag on page 95 and filled it with some of my favorite patterns. Like the outcome, but not something I might do again. Unless I get a friend who is into handbags and I make a card for her (or him).
So now on to day 33... I took a look at it and it's about something I really am looking forward to. Some of you maybe know that I'm into mandala drawing for years now, and can take a guess about day 33.
Till next week. Keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep tangling




Maria Vennekens had trouble understanding the instructions, but ended up with this delightful work:

IMG 8248


Sonya produced a gorgeous piece of art (as usual):

Today's assignment to include a border threw me for a loop and stressed me out a bit as I rarely have a preconceived idea going into a design. I drew out several strings before deciding that thisone fit the author's bill of a frame. I really wanted to make the "ribbons" look 3D and tried some of Cris's shading tips to accomplish it. Using Betweed as the focal point made me nervous since my version never seems to look as natural and flowing as it does for others. Happy with the negative spaces as they add interest to the tile.
OZAD 32 small
And from Marty Deckel:
Here's Day #32-OZAD: Borders and Frames.   There are two tiles, the first is Mooka with a Frame, only ok, I enjoyed doing the Mooka, but don't think the frame fits well with it.  Also, an ATC ZIA for part 2 of the lesson...working on style.  This was fun to do, but I didn't get to it till late today, and rushed through it...not a good idea. :-)  Another project to go back to on another day!

Day  32 OZAD


Day  32b OZAD

Alas, I have been tangling up a storm getting ready for the retreats, but have nothing to show for the challenge.  However, Rick and Maria just posted a wonderful tutorial on tangling borders & frames.  

I am off to Indiana and Florida, so I doubt I will be posting here until I get back, but do look for pictures over on Facebook.

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