Thursday, April 11, 2013

One Zentangle A Day - Day 33: Zendalas

From your hostess, Ellen Gozeling:
I love Zendalas. Before I became a Zentangle addict, I was a Mandala addict. And combining the two.... No words for that!
I copied the template and reduced it to 90%, so it would fit a Zentangle tile. In this case I filled the same spaces with the same patterns, so its symmetric. I like the black on white the most, but the yellow/orange one seems the glow from the centre. I use colored pencils and for the hard of the yellow/orange one, I used a neon colored pencil. Like the effect.
Looking forward to what you all did this week,
Keep tangling,
Beautiful, Ellen.  Love those cool colors and love how you shaded with them.
Ellen's compatriot, Maria Vennekens contributed this zendala:
IMG 8249
Sonya Yencer, who is in Haiti right now, sent this before she left:
I'm a rebel. I didn't like the Zendala string for Day 33 so I decided to do another frame from Day 32 instead. To add some variety, I created a double frame, extending the art all the way to the edge of the tile, a technique I rarely employ. The shading really brought this piece to life and created good eye movement. The white space is minimal and, while my Betweed still isn't quite the way I'd like it, I'm happy with the tile overall.
 Beautiful shading on that one.  It almost looks 3-D.  Wish I  do tripoli that well.
Marty Deckel writes:
Here are my 2 tiles for Day #33-OZAD; Zendalas.  the first is achromatic, and the second (same template), in color.  I used Tombow Markers with water, and then highlighted with some "sparkle" using Gelly Roll Stardust pens...very cool, and fun!!  I seem to shy away from Zendalas, however, I really enjoyed this lesson and using the am looking forward to the next two lessons with more zendalas!!
Day  33 OZAD
Day  33b OZAD
Stunningly beautiful, especially the black and white version.  Love the sparkles.  What a happy zendala.
Here are my two.  Since I am working on the Kindle version of One Zentangle a Day, I couldn't print the Zendala template, so I drew my own.  It is my first time using Genevieve's Zendala templates and I think I would have been happier if I had taken my time.
Zendala1 1
Thanks for you patience as I get caught up from my trips.  


  1. Wow! I'm loving all the great zendalas!

  2. Wonderful! Isn'tit thrilling how many variations you can get using the same 'tempate'?!?!


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