Monday, May 20, 2013

Beginnings and Endings


New Beginnings

This weekend was the grand opening of my new studio, nicknamed The Zen Den. I met some talented ladies and announced my summer workshops and classes. I'm very excited about teaching my first class here this week.  At first, I was worried about working in the basement, but after all of the cleaning, painting, and decorating, I think it is a very nice place to work. It is comfortably cool on hot days and will be cozy warm in the winter with the wood stove down there.

For those who couldn't make it to the open house, here are some photos of what you missed.

Zen Den

Zen Den2


ATC swap

Black zendala table


I had time to start a black Zendala during the open house and spent a few minutes this morning finishing it up. I wanted to try something different on this one, so I used metallic belly roll pens along with glaze pens and metallic colored pencils. (It is much more sparkly in person.)

Black color zendala


OZAD Wrap-up

Working on the One Zentangle a Day virtual book club was so much more rewarding than I expected it to be. Not only did I love seeing all of the beautiful art, but I really appreciated hearing others' experiences as we shared this journey together. This common bond brought us together even though we were separated by hundreds, maybe thousands of miles.  I hope we can do it again in the fall.  Does anyone have Margaret Bremner's book?


<iframe src="" style="width:120px;height:240px;" scrolling="no" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" frameborder="0"></iframe>

It looks interesting and I was wondering if it might be a good one to explore in the fall.

But for now, here is the last of the One Zentangle a Day goodies I've received.

From Ellen Gozling:

Uw bericht kan nu met het volgende bijlagen of koppelingen worden verzonden:
day 40Day 40

day 41

Day 41

day 42

Day 42


From Marty Deckel:
Thanks so much to you and ellen for hosting!!!  It was a long haul, but it was worth it for all the work and lesson's learned, not only from the book but from each THANKS to ALL who contributed!!!!
Here is my Day 40 tile:  Letters as Strings, as well as 2 that I didn't ever send.  Day 16 Achromatic Scale on Midtoned paper, and Day 32 Borders and Frames, which I redid, because I had misunderstood the there are 3 tiles attached.
I found todays lesson #40 fun to do, as I really love calligraphy and just love the W2 that Angie did behind her letter "a", so I used that tangle and adapted it.  I shaded with my pencil and then used the gray Fabrico marker around the letter and some areas of the background tangle...loved it!!

Day  40 OZADDay  16c OZADDay  32c OZAD

Well, here is Day #41:  Folk Patterns.  I have a tile and then2 jpg's of the Folk Patterns I was an interesting lesson and one I never would have thought about doing.  I included a jpg of my sketchbook with the patterns I found...I planned out the tile so I could be sure to use all the patterns...interesting, but my tile is jam packed!
Day  41 OZAD

Day  41b OZADDay  41c OZAD

and the last Lesson for OZAD!!!  It's been great to meet so many new CZT's and lovers of Zentagle, and to have the privalege to work with and learn from everyone!!!  Thanks to Cris and Ellen for hosting...great job!!!
Here are my tiles for Day 42:  Simple Line Drawing. 
Tile one has some of my favorites and I added some Sepia, Inktense pencils and water, and a Fabrico marker for shading...I didn't use the Bronx Cheer, although, I have used it several times on my tiles out of necessity :-)
Part 2 of this lesson, Line Drawing...I used a Cala Lily as my line drawing string, and shaded with pencil, Fabrico, and a grey Pitt pen...I really like shading with these markers!  When I showed it to my husband, he asked if I was going to color I decided to color it and I'm glad I did.  I used Tombow Markers.  If we hadn't had all the lessons in this book, I may never have used the markers to shade, or added color with the Inktense pencils, markers, Gelly Roll pens, etc., etc.!  Lots of fun!!!

Day  42 OZAD


Day  42b OZAD


Day  42c OZAD


What a nice way to finish the book, Marty.  Beautiful, as always. 



  1. Oooo! Ahhhh! Your Zen Den is wonderful. And, by that, I mean it is full of wonderful projects and inspiration. Congratulations on its completion.

  2. I love your Zen Den! I have my classroom down in my unfinished basement too, but made it a cozy space for classes. Yours looks very warm and inviting! I found that I really prefer to teach at home versus hauling everything out to other venues (which I still do too). It's so nice to just clean up and be ready for the next class! You will love it!

  3. I love your Zen Den.Will make it a must to visit one day! And thank you for wrapping up OZAD. I too had so much fun doing it and learned a lot just by watching all the other beautiful work everyone made.


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