Friday, May 3, 2013

OZAD - Almost done

Interest seems to be dwindling here, but that is OK. We've had a great time and we're almost done. Spring is in the air and the outdoors is calling.  The garden and bike are calling and the beach is waiting. Does your tangling slow down this time of year? At home, I find myself tangling less.  But then I travel and have marathon sessions.  

I think I am done with the book, but if you are still working, please keep sending me your creations. I would be happy to collect and post them, probably once a week.

So, here are all of the tiles I've gotten in the last week in the order I received them.

First from Sonya Yencer:

Once again, I am not fond of the string that began the Zendala. However, after decided to give it a whirl, my personal goal became to figure out how to soften the transition between the geometric and organic sections of the string, bringing harmony to the design. I'm happy with the results, especially the BETWEED star as the centerpiece to the "flower".

OZAD 35 sm

Used ZANDER  for most of my string and love it! However, STICKERS is for the birds. It was an epic fail—thus my Bronx Cheer on top to salvage the tile. Love the background tangle with the dotted lines, stripes and "flowery" shapes, but have no idea what it is called. Does anyone know the name of this tangle? I will definitely be using it again!OZAD 36 sm
I'm not sure I see much of a difference between WARMTH and KEEKO (except that one uses straight lines while the other uses curved), but maybe I just need to practice each more. I used WARMTH as my string instead of a filler on this tile. While interesting, I'm not in love with it. Next time I will choose pens that provide more contrast - you can barely tell I used 2 different sized nibs. I'm even less thrilled with my orbs. Overall, don't care much for this tile but, as usual, the exercise was entertaining and kept me busy during my 1.5 hours of waiting time for my daughter's sports practice!
OZAD 37 sm
From Ellen Gozeling Day 38:
As I don't have a bleach pen, I was thinking of skipping this day.
Then I decided I just do a tile and send that in. And THEN I realized I have bought 2 white handkerchiefs, ages ago, and maybe I could tangle on them. But then there was the "problem" of holding the fabric. So I gave it some thought, and then I came up with an embroidery-ring. I like it! And I will go on with it, but not today. So here is my photo of my finished tile and my just started fabric work.
From Marty Deckel:
I didn't do the second lessons on day 38 and 39 (fabric and mica)...but did do a tile for each day.  Day 38 I tried doing just a few tangles, Floo, Paizel, some Perfs and a bit of Fescu...tried to keep it more open.  Day 39, Drawing Texture; is not open and very tight...but it does appear to have some texture  :-)  I used Printemps, Shattuck, Black perfs (Perlz, or Buckeyes), and Tipple.  I also used a white Gelly Roll pen in some areas.
Wow!  Only 3 more lessons to go...
Day  38 OZAD
Day  39 OZAD
Finally, from Maria Vennekens:

Attached day 39. I used Maria Thomas’string #50 (tangle patterns) and went back to my calendar again. I wish I knew where to buy mica. The work shown in the book is beautiful. I only know mica from my childhood . I used to watch the fire trough  “windows” of mica. They always were a bit dirty because of the smoke of the fire. The combination of the dirt and the flames had the same look as the artworks show on page 111.

IMG 8313

As I have holidays this week I decided to finish the book today and send my contributions to you. I enjoyed the first part of the book much more than the last. But once said that I would participate I find I have to contribute till the end. So here are the last three.

40 (m, h and M)

This was fun to do. I used a twin pencil to draw the letters. I depends on the patterns used how the letters show up . The more contrast between letter and background pattern, the better you can see the letter. It also can help to leave a millimeter space around the letter (see h). I think my capital M came out the best.

IMG 8314IMG 8315
IMG 8316



I used some of the folk patterns suggested in the book. I like the result but don’t think it is different from using tangle patterns. Again I regret not having the opportunity to use the material suggested on the right page. I looks interesting and it is a material/technique that will create even more dimension in a zentangle.

IMG 8317


As one tile would not be big enough to give space to my favorite patterns I decided to do the line drawing suggested on the right page. I had better not.


IMG 8318

Thanks for all the efforts you did to put our works on your blog. It was fun to see what others did with the 42 (or must we say 84) challenges.


Lots of great eye candy today.  I hope you enjoyed it.


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  1. Wow, there is really some spectacular work being shared throughout this process. I appreciate your work in organizing it all Cris, even though I didn't participate.


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