Friday, September 13, 2013

Getting There

Happy Paint Party Friday!
I've been painting like crazy for the last 2 weeks.  It is helping me stay sane as I have had a sick child, injured husband, houseguests, and the beginning of a new book.
Two weeks ago, I painted this for my brother-in-law.
It is by far my favorite work so far.  The only thing I don't like is that I didn't take the original photo.  I hate working from someone else's art.  It was really hard to give this one away.  It was even worse because I forgot to take a good picture before he took it home.  I guess I have a reason for a trip to Michigan.
The last week, I've been trying to capture Mendenhall Glacier on canvas.  It's tricker than usual because I'm trying to combine 4 different photos.
I had something that was going along pretty well:
Mendenhall Glacier-getting there
I should have just finished the little island in the foreground and called it done. But I was so fascinated by the mist that I really wanted to see if I could capture it.
Mendenhall Glacier-getting there
Even though I really like my sky, I think I should have left well enough alone because now I have a Caribbean blue sea in mistyAlaska.
So, I have 2 questions for those kind people who've stayed with me so far.

1) Should I try and change the color of the water to match the sky or put back my blue sky and paint out the mist?

2) Should I paint in the tourists over by the waterfall?

Thanks for visiting. Happy PPF.


  1. I think you have done a good job on the Glacier but you have overdone the mist a bit. I am not sure what medium you are using. If it is oil or acrylic I think it is difficult to get that ethereal quality of the mist. You could try painting it as a watercolor because then you get a more airy feel.

    happy PPF!!!

  2. loving both your paintings,Happy PPF, Annette x

  3. Your Venicia is wonderful! I love how you used the spectrum to beautifully capture the light. I probably would have put a little more detail in the green boat; it looks a little flat to me.

    As for the glacier painting, the big thing to remember about water is that it reflects what's around it. So if your sky is cloudy and muted, that has to show up in the water. Likewise, if the sky is bright blue and cloudless that should be reflected.

    If you want the mist try reprinting the mountain, then use a watered down paint to add mistiness. I know the mist in the photo is fairly dense but it may not be working in the painting. On the other hand, the painting now looks like low-lying clouds, which is fine.

    Just get the sky and lake coordinated and I think you'll be fine! Nice work!

  4. They look great! If you want to try for the people, do them on translucent tracing paper first and play with the placement first.

    I hope the family is feeling better soon - and you've gotten rid of your finance induced headache ;-)

  5. I just love all the color in your canal painting, stunning...a very cool style!! Get the person to send you a photo of it hanging...

    Hugs Giggles

  6. Beautiful paintings! The first on is my favorite. It´s excellent!!

  7. Fabulous paintings. You are very talented!


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