Thursday, December 5, 2013

Chicago Tardis, Part 1

Having just returned from Chicago TARDIS and also working on a book about Tangleations, I’ve been thinking a lot about naming things.  For those who don’t know, Chicago TARDIS is a con for fans of Dr. Who, a British sci-fi show that just celebrated its 50th anniversary. Dr. Who travels around in his TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimension In Space) and the big mystery is that nobody knows his real name.  We've seen it written (in Gallifreyan), but it is partially obscured, so no one knows exactly what it is.  It looks so cool that I had to buy a T-shirt with it on.
Birdie is a much bigger fan than I am, so I spent some time tangling during the presentations.  I love using Gallifreyan as a string, so I couldn't resist tangling this.
The Name of the Doctor
This was so fun that I think I need to do more. Next time, though, I think I’d like to use a compass to get “circles” instead of “orbs.”  Want to try tangling in Gallifreyan, here is a generator you can use to get a string using whatever phrase you’d like. For instance, here is “Zendala Dare.”  Wouldn’t that be a fun one?
Zendala dare gallifreyen
I also had fun playing with the new Renaissance Tiles from Zentangle.
This is the first time I’ve tried the new Zenstone and I like it.  I don’t think it completely replaces the GellyRoll, but it makes a nice addition. I also like adding gold and silver like on the Dalek.  I don’t like regular graphite shading on the brown ink though.

I do love these tile.  Want to try them out?  I have them in my new Etsy shop.  I also have a sampler kit with the pens you need to try them out.  Here are the first 3 tiles I tried.
Well, I’ve been requested to go watch the Sound of Music and this post is getting long as is, so stay tuned for the rest of the fun from Chicago TARDIS tomorrow.


  1. Love the dr Who tangle, and the tiles. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Wow, I love the Gallifreyan translator. Circles within circles, great Zentangle strings!

  3. What a fantastic place you've been to! Although I've been a Doctor Who fan for years I had no idea that Gallifreyan looked like that - or that it was ripe for tangling! I like all the tiles you've shared - 'WHO' would have thought that the Daleks could look so lovely! Axxx

  4. Very cool!
    Oh no... something else to do! 8-)


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