Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Name This Tangle!

Here is my first attempt at making my own pattern.
This plastic plant on the kitchen table of our villa was just begging to be tangled.

I'm not sure that it's original, but in case it is, I've written instructions.  Hope I'm doing this right.

Once I got started, I found I couldn't stop.  I made my daughter stop swimming so I could take some close ups of the stripes on her swimsuit because they also needed to be tangled.  

Here's a tile I made using these tangles.  Of course, with just the two of them, the tile looked so blank and the tangles looked so lonely, that I just had to put in some friends for them.
So, can you think of a name for this pattern?


  1. Your tangle looks rather like a fantasy version of a bromeliad blossom.... "Bromeliad", maybe? And I love it, plus the SSStripe - does that stand for Swim Suit Stripe? Heheheheee

  2. Indeed, Swim Suit Stripe. Very original, huh?

  3. Hi Cris... I like Christina's suggestion a lot. That's what I was thinking when I saw your tangle, but I didn't know the name of the plant - (I did a Google image search on bromeliad - and I think it fits very nicely). In true Zentangle style though, we should probably tangle up the spelling a little, yes? What do you think of "Melia" or "Bromell" or even "Bromeld" or something like that? :)

  4. Hi, Cris
    I thought of a name for your plant drawing above.
    How about "Plaztic Plant".

  5. my suggestion would be to find a name that is far removed from what you think the tangle "looks like" - in the way that the checkerboard is called "knight's bridge" or that the basket weave is called "keeko" - so that you take away the representative quality of the name, leaving only the pattern - so people won't worry that their tangle doesn't "look like" a plant.

  6. I went looking in my favorite place for coming up with names-the Phrontistery dictionary. I found this: Vocitate- to name or call. Example: I can understand giving a name to a dog, but who vocitates their houseplants?

    I thought it was funny that the example used houseplants. But then I have a strange sense of humor!

  7. What an awesome group. Thanks for all of the suggestions. I think I'll go with Broz. A bit of bromeliad, but taking Laura's suggestion to not get too literal. What do you think?


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