Friday, April 29, 2011

Birdie's Tangle: Par-K

Birdie was at it again. She saw this pattern on her T shirt and developed a tangle of it. We thought it was pretty simple, but I didn't see anyone else using it. If it is original, she's naming it "par-k".  If not, she'd appreciate knowing who has claimed it.  (I discovered it on her algebra work. No wonder it takes her so long to do her schoolwork!) You can watch it being created, but the instructions are really simple.
Here are a few variations of mine.


  1. Very nice tangle, Birdie! Bold and Beautiful!

  2. Beautiful tangle! I've seen similar tangles, but I do believe that they all have the lines touching, and therefore, don't use the hexagonal shape.

  3. Cool. I have seen similar, but not identical and I think Birdie is quite within her rights to lay claim to this particular design. Way to go, kiddo! *G*

  4. Nice job Birdie! When I first glanced at this pattern I couldn't figure out how to do it - but once you explained, do florz first, it was right there! NICE!


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