Thursday, August 25, 2011

Assunta at the beach

I love the beach. Love the colors, the sounds, the ever-changine waves, love all of the interesting shells. I've discovered that they are my new favorite thing to tangle on. The small, irregular shapes of the broken shells are wonderful. The texture is excellent and so are the colors. Plus, all of the other shell hunters leave them just for me :-)

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  1. What fun! Do you leave some on the beach for strangers to find and be delighted and mystified? :-)

  2. I love these! Ready to leave for the beach. Did you do this with "regular" micron pens?

    I like Margaret's idea about leaving some on th beach, too :)

  3. Margaret- great idea. We decided to leave our "rejects" I bet someone will like them.

    Maggiekat-yes, most we done with our microns, some with Faber Castel Pitt pens. Some were colored with watercolor pencils. They will rub off without too much effort so I went to Wallmart for some Krylon clear coat. Worked great.


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