Saturday, January 7, 2012

Fancy Fengle

Rick and Maria created a new tangle called Fengle for CZTs to have something special to teach.  Anyone want to come to a class to learn this?
My first Fengle: along with Esses and Purk.
Fengle and Flux, with a little bit of highlights with a white pen.
This was SO fun to do.


  1. I love your tangles and would love to come to a class with you but I live a bit too far away!!!!LOL

  2. I've been seeing that tangle now for a little while! It is so cool!!!
    I wanted to know if it was new and how to do it. Oh well.

  3. Mary, I like to travel :-)

    crotnem, why "oh well." No CZTs near you?

  4. Oh yes there is, I don't know if she does this tho. I know she has classes for 1-4 levels. I guess I could call her.


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