Saturday, March 31, 2012

Tranquility - Creative Color Challenge

The colors and sample picture for the March Creative Color challenge were so beachy that I couldn't imagine painting anything else.  Especially since the theme is tranquility. My favorite place in the world is a beach.  Especially at sunrise or off-season when I get to share it with the wildlife instead of hoards of sunbathers.

I like how it looks, but it seemed a bit barren and lonely, with no real focal point.  I was afraid to ruin it by painting anything else, so I used Photoshop to put the birds from the watercolor wave to this one.  So, here is my new tranquil beach scene:

and the original:


  1. That's lovely. I like the birds that you have added.

  2. The beach is my happy place too! Love how you captured the ocean in yoru art!

    1. Thanks. We just came back from the desert/mountains and it was nice, but nothing beats the ocean.


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