Thursday, May 17, 2012

Healing and Calming

My wrist is feeling much better and I discovered I can tangle with my brace! Which I so needed today as I sat with Birdie at Children's Hospital waiting for her ultrasound. I needed to be calm. It is hard not to imagine everything that can go wrong.  Please pray for good test results.

I brought a sepia pen to finish the Zendala I started on Mother's Day so I would have something for the Diva challenge this week.

Too bad it is DARK sepia. You can hardly tell the difference between the two colors.

I decided to try something different and shade by stippling with my pen. I'm not sure it is my favorite, but it is fun to do something new every once in a while!

Have you tried any new techniques lately? If so, what were they and how did they work?


  1. This is beautiful! I find stippling is difficult. You have done a lovely job with it here.

  2. Beautiful Zendala! Glad your wrist is feeling better. Sending positive thoughts and prayers for Birdie.

  3. Your zendala is gorgeous, so detailed and I really like the idea of stippling for shading your work. I hope you won't mind my using it myself one of these days.

  4. This is wonderful. I like the subtle variation between your black and dark sepia. The elegance of this tile really works. Lovely Zendala and your stippling is fab!

  5. Beautiful tile. I am going to have to try the stippling

  6. really pretty tile. i hope everyone is all right. get better soon.

  7. I know it's been said already, but it's a gorgeous Zendala. I'll keep Birdie in my prayers. Hope the test results are good.


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