Friday, May 18, 2012

Two from the Road

I took my sketchbook and a few art supplies on our trip to New Mexico and did these two pages while we were there. I think these are my favorite bits of advice to give to Birdie right now:
  • Pay no mind to what they say. It doesn't matter, anyway.
  • Nothing you can do, but learn how to be you.
I think these are important at any phase of life, but even more important for teenagers who are so into "fitting in."  Unfortunately, these are my least favorite pages in the sketchbook.  IMG 1194
The "pop girls" are from a Bratz doll advertisement.  How perfect is that?  And the happy girl is one I cut out of a magazine on "Women of Note."  I liked this page so much better before I added the Zentangle.  It is way too busy for my taste and even though I tried to emphasize the strong, excited woman, all I see is the Static  behind her.
IMG 1193
This one just had me stumped and I went way too literal.  (The thought bubbles are all things that Birdie would like to do with her life.)
The one thing I do like is the record label.
IMG 1178
That is why it is a sketchbook.  It is a place to learn from your mistakes.  And, also, to share them with the world, apparently :-)

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