Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Auraknot & Bunzo, Take 2

This week's Diva Challenge was so interesting, I had to try again.  To spice things up a bit this time, I used a black ATC.
First, I drew the string with a white Prismacolor Verithin pencil. I like these for strings because the lead is much harder than a regular Prismacolor, so you can get a fine, light line.
Done tangling. I used a Sakura white Gelly Roll pen for the AuraKnots and my Faber-Castell metallic colored EcoPencils for the Bunzo.  I was thinking 4th of July, so I used red and blue stripes to go with the stars.
"Shading" the AuraKnots with my silver metallic pencil. I tried going around the inside of the bunzo to clean up the edges and add a subtle shadow, but it's almost impossible to see.  Bummer. It's still kind of plain. What to do?
Since adding a new tangle is "verboten," I thought about using a tanglenhancer, in this case, perfs. I used the silver pencil again.  It's getting there...
It needs more more color, but I dropped my blue on the floor. The lead broke and I didn't have a pencil sharpener with me.  So, no more patriotic colors.  The stars are purple.
I got the Gelly Roll pen out to jazz up the perfs and add some around my AuraKnots. This I really like. Finally, another tanglenhancer: auras around the outside edges. Since my glaze pen won't write, I pronounce it finished.

It was really fun to use new materials and think outside the box.  I highly recommend it!  I know I am not the Diva, but I would like to offer a challenge to you to try a new material or try a new tanglenhancer. If you accept my challenge, please comment and let me know how it went.  

Have a delightful week.


  1. On black you have given us life in the form of auroknot, bunzo beauty!

    1. Thanks. I think it looks a bit like microscopic sea life, magnified. Is that what you meant also?

  2. I love the starting string design and the use of the Auroknots. The bunzo is interesting but the colors (ok it might be just the color of the scene here) dont contrast or something...maybe a green and red or yellow and blue? (not criticizing just thinking out loud.)

    I love the way you doted the outline of the stars too. It makes everything pop and gives it some depth too. and the aura on the edge is perfect.

    Curious, I dont have black paper so what would happen if I used white paper with blue pens for the stars, dots in yellow, Bunzos in black and white with a red outline? I would need something to fill in the blank whiteness wouldn't I?

    Again this has got me thinking! Thanks so much for sharing.

    1. Vixen, I agree with you about the colors on the bunzo. I was a bit disappointed with these pencils. They look so vibrant on the package, but they didn't turn out that way at all when I used them. That being said, the photography could be better, but some days I'd rather just get a blog posted than try to perfect the photography.

      I like your idea of doing something similar on white paper, but I wouldn't use white for the bunzo. I would let the only white be the background, like I only have black on mine. And I would probably use dark colors for the dots, for contrast with the white. I don't think yellow would stand out. But, not having tried it, I could be wrong.

      If you do decide to try, please share. It sounds interesting.


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