Thursday, February 7, 2013

One Zentangle A Day: Day 5, part 2

From Angela Werner CZT #9:

Lesson 5 - Adding a Sparkle to Isochor and printemps
I loved doing this tile! Who knew you could have such fun with Isochor? I loved playing with different values for each Isochor.I think it adds interest to have each shape be a different tone - some light, some really dark.  I added "sparkle" through shading each Isochor. I skipped doing the sparkle on printemps because I honestly think it doesn't show up and isn't worth the bother.But, I do love their shape! Maybe I'll see it done effectively by someone else and change my mind. This tile was a snap to do in less than a half hour which for me is a record! I like the flow of it and I did the tile without a string. I started from the center with Isochor and added the printemps next. Needing contrast, I added crescent moon with a tail. I added misst under the tail to soften it. Shattuck seemed to fit in on the left. Voila. 

Lesson 5 Isochor and printemps052

I generally skip the sparkle in the printemps also. I also have noticed that I am tangling much more quickly as I work through the exercises. Don't know if it is because I'm gaining confidence or just worrying less about the outcome.  Has anyone else noticed that they are working more quickly.

From Marty Deckel, CZT#10

This was a great lesson, although it seems there was a lot to do, and I had never done Isachor, and found it challenging, but fun!!  I love adding the Sparkle, and it was especially fun to go back and add it to Tangles I had never even thought about adding it to, such as Crescent Moon...FUN!
Cris, thanks for your encouraging words yesterday regarding my shading...i was very encouraged, and added a new word to my shading experience: it!!
Day  5 c OZAD
Marty, I just love your sparkles and shading. Very nice sense of depth. 

From Maria Vennekens:

Today again two fun tangles to use. They both are very usefull to introduce the use of sparkles.

Liked to work on today’s ‘tile’ in my calendar. I also like the daily reminder to use the eleven steps. One easily tends to forget that.

IMG 8174
And, last, but not least, from Ellen Gozeling:
Last night I did day 5 of OZAD. And I like both tangles. But when I finished my tile I wasn't happy. Before shading it was as if it was one tangle and looking messy (photo not clear because I had to take it without flash). After shading it felt a bit better, but still not happy. So I just added some pearls and let them run of the tile. Now it still isn't my favorite tile, but it's sort of okay ;)
Day 5 final piece
To save what's left of my sanity, I am going to do two posts each day.  My goal is to do one "first thing" in the morning, by 8 am Eastern Time with your lesson/message from your hostess and any that are waiting for me when I get up.  The second post will be a collection of everything that is mailed to me during the day. That one I will post before bed, probably around 11 pm.  Of course, you can comment and link to your own blog at any time.  I'm really enjoying seeing everyone's art and hearing what others have to say about the lesson.

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