Thursday, February 7, 2013

One Zentangle A Day: Day 5

Day 5 is about adding a sparkle, another tanglenhancer.
The daily tangles were a study in contrasts for me. I use printemps use all the time, and I've never tried isochar before. Even with the step-outs, I'm not sure exactly how to do it, which is why I've never tried it before.  I do like how isochar looks like a the string within a string appearance, so I made my whole tile that way. I wanted to just use a few tangles repeated, but ended up adding knightsbridge, tipple, crescent moon, and shattuck. There were lots of spaces. I meant to leave some empty, but I got so into the tangles that before I knew it, my tile was almost full.
Sharon Matys writes:
"I am enjoying this virtual book club so very much. It's hard to fit in a tile everyday, but worth the effort, for sure. I enjoy seeing everyone's tiles... so many different variations... that just doesn't stop amazing me since the first zentangle class I took.

I didn't have any official zentangle ATC cards, so I decided to do a standard tile size. The sparkle exercise was fun.... I enjoyed the isochor & printemps so much, I just kept going with it & didn't introduce and previous tangles... not sure if it's a bit boring, but it's so organic looking... very maggot-like...ew!
Sharon, I don't think it looks maggoty at all. I really like it. Birdie thinks it look it looks like a brain. Or a tree. I think it is pretty and shell-like. Maybe a bunch of shells swirling in the ocean.  I really like your printemps.

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  1. Isochor was a first for me, too! I definitely enjoyed sparkling things up on day five.


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