Monday, February 18, 2013

OZAD Day 12: Balancing Harmony and Variety


This is another great art theory lesson and I discovered that I don't pay attention to harmony and variety and sometimes I don't like my tile very much. But, I can usually correct these sorts of mistakes with shading. I found myself getting tense while working through the exercises today. I had too many expectations and too much to think about.  I found it very difficult to "let go and let Zentangle."  So, while I appreciate the information, I don't think I will worry about harmony and variety while I am tangling.  

I did enjoy the exercise of creating a tile with chillon and bales. I used flux and jonqal and made them bold and dark so they would have good tonal contrast with chillon and bales. I also had fun with using a variety of sizes.

Day 12

Although I worked on this on vertically, when I rotated it, I noticed that I had created another landscape. I have decided that I prefer working in a rectangular rather than square format, so I have been using my sketchbook for more and more of my exercises.

I really enjoyed the ATC exercise. Since we were to use only two tangles, I decided to play with pens. I used an .08, .01, and .005. I think i would have been more effective if I had used the same tangleation of beelite on both sides of my bales, but I still like it.


From Angela Werner:

I love bales but putting it with Chillon just didn't appeal to me so I chose to use flukes in it's place because it complements Bales while giving harmony to the composition. I paid close attention to variety and I think there is plenty of it. It was an interesting tile to make. The heart appeared within the string without any knowing intent from me, but then it is Valentine's! 

Lesson 12 harmony and variety058

To me, chillon and flukes are just tangleations of each other with different names.  I like how much there is going on in this piece and yet it doesn't seem "busy." It must be the close attention to variety and harmony.

Marty Deckel writes:

Day#12 tile, I used Sue Jacobs' String # 040.  I ended up with my Flux being the focal point instead of the Bales and Chillon, they seem to be a background and they were supposed to "pop", but it was fun, and now I know...  Part "b" was to create an ATC using the Tangleations of Beelight and Bales...doesn't work as well as Beckah's, but it was a fun exercise.
Day  12 OZADI think the flux is focal point because it has the most contrast.  I really like that tile.  It is so curvy.  I also really like the shading in her ATC.  I like the stripe effect. They add so much movement.  Very dynamic.
From Ellen Gozzeling:
I like working with 2 very similar patterns and making sure they did stand out. I think I managed that. At least I had fun doing it.

Day 12

Maria Vennekens writes:

Although I did it long ago (januari 31 was my day 12) I still know how I enjoyed to make tangeleations to some of the pattern. This makes Zentangle endless and brings up the creative potential  that anyone has. Also it makes those people silent who say ZT does not stimulate creativity because it has “standard” patterns (I don’t know if this how it should be said in English but I hope you know what I mean)

IMG 8184

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