Sunday, February 17, 2013

OZAD Day 11 - Part 2

It was a busy weekend around here. Birdie had Solo and Ensemble all day Saturday. She did great, got three Superior ratings. This afternoon I had a Zentangle 101 class with three talented tanglers, and I got caught up on OZAD.

I love auras and never think about using rounding, even though I love it when other people do it. I'm never very happy with the quality of my auras since I have a tough time keeping my spacing consistent. Does anyone have any advice on this?

Here is my tile. Finery is the tangle I rarely use. I tried to use rounding on it and I like it. Echoism is a tangle with a lot of auras, but I did a tangleation of it with auras done just a bit differently. I really enjoyed all of the heart strings people used last week, so I thought I'd try one. Now it just seems so last week :-)

Day11From Angela Werner:

For this lesson we were to use any tangles we wished and also try something new. I had been wanting to try Zed which is what I used for the frame in my tile.I love this tangle. It is loads of fun to do and NOT hard. It's going to be a favorite.

I was uncomfortable putting auras on Poke leaf but I stayed with it and it turned out ok.

I love doing Bronx cheer but this time it wasn't the same experience that I had in the past which was to love it. It turned out OK but it took some doing as the twigs they were hanging fromwere kind of not what I wanted... Overall, I do like the tile. Different!


I really like the frame within the frame look. It looks like a botanical illustration with the poke-leaf and bronx cheer. Very interesting.

From Marty Deckel, CZT#10: Here's my tile for OZAD-11…I totally enjoyed using the tangle enhancers in this lesson.

Day  11 OZAD

I love the rounding Marty did on her finery. So different than mine. I also totally love her poke-root. I wish I could do that!

I think that is all for Day 11. See you bright and early tomorrow morning for Day 12.

Ooops. It wasn't all for Day 11. Here is more from Marty:

Part "b" of day#11 was to do an ATC using a Brush Pen to draw the patterns and then to shade with Water. I had never done a tile that way before, and enjoyed it very much, the results are interesting! I used a Faber Castel black Pitt Pen to draw, then a Water Brush to shade, and a Jelly Roll for a few highlights, since I felt that I was a bit heavy-handed on the brush pen...the black got away from me :-)

Day  11b OZAD

Although I did it long ago (januari 31 was my day 12) I still know how I enjoyed to make tangeleations to some of the pattern. This makes Zentangle endless and brings up the creative potential that anyone has. Also it makes those people silent who say ZT does not stimulate creativity because it has “standard” patterns (I don’t know if this how it should be said in English but I hope you know what I mean)
IMG 8184

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