Thursday, February 21, 2013

OZAD - Day 15: Organic Linear Patterns

We've made it through another chapter and now are learning about organic patterns.  This is so not my forte so I am not looking forward to this chapter.  In fact, I think my tangles are getting worse.  I hope it is just an "awkward phase."

Here is my assignment: at tile using verdigogh, locar, and yin cut. I added hollibaugh in the background, knightsbridge below the hollibaugh, and a purk nestled in the locar. The purk is the only part of this tile I like.  It reminds me of the little tree on A Charlie Brown Christmas.

Day 15

Sharon Matys contributed this:

"Love verdigogh... one of my favorites... but not so much with 'locar'... I didn't pencil in the stem as was suggested, that might have helped. YIncut is nice & easy... a good filler & contrast for the others. I would like to try these all again. I added some pokeroot & filled up a bit with my go-to tipple."


Marty Deckel says:


Here is Day #15...first of all, thanks for doing that shading research, it really helped me to have a better understanding on all the value types, and I agree that we should shade with arbitrary and/or expressive value, and I love your tile!


I'm finding that all the particulars, though helpful in the long run, are really getting in the way of my "intuitive" zentangle process.  I find myself "planning" my tile, and yet, one of the things that attracted me to Zentangle in the first place was absence of all the rules and regulations, so to speak!  Having said all that, I am learning so much, and having a great time learning from everyone else too...thanks to all of you!


As for today's tile, I really like Locar and Verdigogh...but I had such a hard time shading it, and I probably should have let my Verdigogh stretch and spread out over the Yincut...but that's why we're doing learn!!

Day  15 OZAD

From Angela Werner:


Lesson 15 - Organic Linear Patterns - Plus use Yincut, Locar, Verdigogh. Wow, what a surprise! I've been ignoring Locar thinking it's not fun or cute.  Well, I love it and especially with verdigogh! Nice combination. Also, my Yincut is quite different here but I will revisit that one. Great possibilities with that one. This was a great tile to do. I love the organic tangles so much. It's a quiet tile, without any drama, but still, it pleases me. Sweet :)



Lesson 15 Linear Organic 061


I really like her version of yincut because it looks so organic.  Mine is always too well regulated.  I like it free flowing here.  I also love the open space in between your strings of beads.  Turn this over and it almost looks like a deconstructed Christmas tree :-)
I haven't heard from the Netherlands contingent today. I hope things are OK over there. Our internet was out this morning and I was away from the computer all day.  It's nice to be home and online again.  I am praying that the ice storm that we are expecting tonight does not knock out our power.  If you don't hear from me tomorrow, that is probably why.

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  1. Cris, I love hollibaugh over knitsbridge! What a great idea!


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