Sunday, February 24, 2013

One Zentangle a Day - Day 16: Organic Tangles

Today's organic tangles are Pepper, Ynix, and Squid. While I like all of these, I never would have thought to put them together in one tile. Part of the reason is that my pepper has never looked organic before. It  has always been circular and "in your face."  I was never able to get it to lie down and behave.  Now, it is so much nicer.

The second assignment was to do an achromatic tangle on a medium-colored ATC.  I did my "tile" in my sketchbook, and my "ATC" on a square pop-up card, but I followed the spirit of the exercises, I think. In any case, I was very pleasantly surprised with the both efforts for today.



From Ellen Gozeling:

Here my photos for day 16. The tile is not my favorite. I found it hard to combine the patterns, but am reasonably happy with the end results.
For the colored ATC cards: I don't have them and in my country we don't have ATC at all (except on sale by our locale CZTs). So I took a Zentangle ATC and outlined it on colored paper. And then took my sissors and cut them out.
There is some thin paper and some thicker ones.
And then I took 5 colors and tangled on them. And I'm very pleased with the results.

Day 16

Day 16  3

Wow. Ellen was busy.  I like the work.   Maybe we should have an ATC swap with this book club.  Anyone interested?

From Marty Deckel:
I've attached 2 tiles, one is the white Zentangle tile homework, and one is an ochre ATC (Achromatic Scale on Midtones paper) part b of the homework.  Hard to tell from my photo, though...sorry 'bout that.
I have never done Squid, Pepper or Ynix...first time, and although I really like them, I am not very pleased with my tile today...I had to smile when I saw your note from day 15..."I think my tangles are getting worse" too and I hope it IS just and "awkward phase"  ;-)
The achromatic scale on midtone was very interesting, the paper was very smooth and the pen just glided over it, so the line work was easier, but the shading was a bit harder to do.  I could have used a dark ochre or brown pencil to shade, and a lighter color to highlight, but I forgot to do that...maybe I'll try another one!!
Day  16 OZAD
Day  16b OZAD
Beautiful work, as usual.  I also really like the feel of my pen gliding over the smooth paper.  When I use paper with tooth, I have a much harder time keeping my lines straight.
From Angela Werner:
Lesson 16 - Use Pepper, Ynix, Squid - Well, I used Squid, though it doesn't look like a squid in mine... I skipped pepper because I don't like that candy 
and Ynix is too stiff looking for my taste and the aura around it makes so unnatural looking. So, in it's place, I used the new official Zentangle tangle
Quandary. That's a difficult tangle to do even though it looks so innocent. You have to really concentrate. I like it. I also miss my betweed that I love so much
so I brought that in. I tried stippling after reading Cris's book. Will keep it in my bag of tricks! This was fun to make but I must add that yesterday
I threw a completed tile into the trash because that's where it belonged. It was pretty ugly no matter what I did, it just got worse by the minute but I
kept at it in my usual fashion. Alas, sigh, there was no hope for that one. But, I learned from yesterday and today's effort was rewarding. :) 
Lesson 16 also063
Wow, Angela, I glad I am not the only one who was unhappy with yesterday's work.  I really like working through this book together and sharing the same frustrations with others.  It is nice to know that I am not alone in my reactions to the exercises.  I like your squid with the fat tentacles. It looks more flowery than squiddy, but that is cool. I won't even tease you about "cheating" and skipping the tangles you don't like. As I tell my students, "It's OK to do your own thing. There are no Zentangle police!"
From Sharon Matys:
I tried to overlap & intertwine the tangles... I think squid definitely lends itself to that. These are all tangles I don't often use, so good to practice. I added amaze & a bit of fescue."
I like her half-squid in the corner.  Very fun.  I really like those super long, flowing tentacles.  


I have a question for the group.  Since it seems like there are many days with 2 assignments, how would you feel about doing one assignment a day, not necessarily one "Day" a day. For example, on Day 18, we're to create a tile using the daily tangles and another creating a tile with 2-point curvilear perspective ZIA.  For that I'd rather split it up into 2 days.  I think it would be nice to have one tile to do, but it could get confusing. What does everyone else think?
Please comment.
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  1. Hi Cris! I think one tile a day is plenty. Right along, I have just been doing just one because I have other things I want to practice or do :). On another topic, I've been having such fun with your book. So much to learn there. Today I learned "sinuous", "crewelery" and stef-ah-ni. There is inspiration in your book all over the place. Thanks for sharing your talent and hard work!

  2. Cris, your brown tile popped up in my Pinterest feed. Love it!!

    1. Thanks. I'm glad people are still enjoying the book club even though we've finished.


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