Tuesday, February 12, 2013

OZAD Day 8: 3-D

We're now starting chapter 2, Tangles and Value Patterns.  Beckah provides a ton of information in the first few pages. I've read through these pages several times trying to make sure I understand it, but I'm not 100% sure I have it. I'm hoping as I work through the exercises everything will become more clear. I do like the patterns she chose for today: vega and purk. For some reason, vega wouldn't behave for me though.
vega and purk all tangled up
I added more shading to increase the tonal range. I like it better now.
Maria Vennekens writes:
Day 8 These are two of my favorites. I did not want to ‘spoil’ them by adding something else to it.
The part about positive and negative shapes is hard to understand (as a not native English speaker)My general knowing of drawing and shading helps. In my opinion this information should not be in a book about zentangle. And if its there, it needs more clear drawings of the things discussed in the text,  to make it clear for someone who is not familiar with these drawing techniques
IMG 8178I agree with Maria that the information about positive and negative shapes is hard to understand. I don't think it is a bad thing to include in the book, but I think it could be clearer how this information relates to Zentangle. But these sorts of skills, while not necessary, will only enhance the beauty of Zentangle.

Angela Werner, from Connecticut, tangled through Nemo.  She writes:
Lesson 8 - from flat to 3D - use Vega and Purk - 
While flipping through Tanglepatterns.com, I became aware of String 039 which is a heart with a hook kind of thing... So, valentines is approaching and the signs seemed to call me. Off I went feeling "Purky". I started by trying to do Vega from the hook type thing, but alas, I ended up with a tangleation of sorts. So, I decided to create a mini border of Vega so that you at least know that I CAN create the tangle but am ornary about doing it like everyone else's. I then hung a Purk bag at the end of the hook thing. Trust me, in black, purk looked quite ominous and THAT was not my intent. Sooo, out came the gold pen to give it a "my heart is in the bag" feeling rather than my heart is being hung. (Seriously, purk in black in this case, looked like it was being hung). Ok, moving right along, I started to decorate the heart with Amaze with the lines NOT crossing since I saw that everyone else seemed to do a lovely job with their Amaze without crossing the lines... I do like the effect! This is going to be in my bag of tricks forever now. Since I had gold on Purk, I needed to bring in some gold everywhere ( at least a bit of it) so that the piece had some unity. I like the end result and think I have my Vaentine's card all done for Thursday. I think the heart looks a little 3D though not as much as I had hoped. Vega does have the 3D and Purk does not because shading over god makes such a messy look. In any event, this was a fun process and l like my tile.Lesson 8 from flat to shape053
I really like this tile also.
Another storm survivor, Sharon Matys CZT#10 from Massachusetts writes:
When I sat down to do Day #8, I had just received a tanglepattern.com email with a new string for valentine's day... a beautiful heart... so I used that for my string.

Vega & Purk were fun... they are so similar, yet so different. I love how instinct plays such an important role in tangling. I used vega first, then purk, then the rest of the heart was crying out for shattuck & repeating the circles in the dividing lines was a definite must. A little printemps, a little amaze... and I agree with everyone else, amaze is just amazing... I am enjoying it! I'm giving my husband this tile for V Day, so I thought I'd complete the square with something "masculine"... hollibaugh.
I really love how her vega curls back in on itself. What a beautiful tile. Your husband is a lucky guy.
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  1. Hey Sharon! Isn't it funny that we used the same string??? Yet, how different our tiles... but we are both giving them to our valentine :).What fun!


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