Tuesday, February 12, 2013

OZAD Day 5 Revisited & Updated

Beckah had computer trouble, so last week's Friday post was delayed. Even though we've already finished with Day 5, her post is well worth reading and her tile is unique and beautiful.  Enjoy!

My Friday post. Sorry a bit late

The first week's main focus in Ozad is the intro to tonal value, shading, and highlights.  Day 5's focus is the highlight.  I feel that many of our students are very intimated by shading and highlights, and never thought about the importance of tonal value.  When we teach our classes and they learn these elements of art we are filling in missing gaps in their art foundations.  We are giving them the knowledge for their intuition and mind to use when they tangle, and empowering their skills to grow.

I find I appreciate Isachor ability to move the eye through a tile, or transcend the tonal value of an area that is to light or heavy.  The challenge to review previous patterns and to work in a sparkle lets us all see the tangle in a new light.  I have had to read this book quite a few times during the editing process, so I try to do something different each time.  It never gets old.  But doing the book with fellow CZTs is a privilege I do not take lightly.  Tangling is so simple to learn yet offers so many rewards.  Working on a project like this lets us all see the same topics thru several different eyes.  Sharing keeps our work fresh, we grow as CZTs and Tanglers.   Our ideas for classes expand, and we nurture our skills.  
I found it challenging in doing the tiles for this first week and trying to keep them simple.  The tile I did for this day is not one of the greatest designs of my life but I relaxed into the drawing and had fun with it.  I also find that as I did the exercises my speed increased.  I wonder if it is the daily practice that is helping with that?  Any ideas?

I've also noticed that I am getting faster as I work through these exercises. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who has trouble keeping things simple.  Anyone else?

Just got this from Elaine Huffman.  Isn't it a beauty?SCAN0097

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