Tuesday, February 12, 2013

OZAD Day 8 - Part 2


Marty actually did the tonal value scale exercise. I really thought it sounded like a good idea and I do get it, but the way I tangle, it is almost never that important since I use shading to change the tonal value after I tangle. If I wasn't going to shade and I always did my tangles the same way, this would be a very useful tool.  Here is what she has to say.


From Marty Deckel, CZT#10

Here's my attempt at the Tonal Value Scale ...it wasn't until I cut them and started to place them that I gained a better understanding of the project.  As you can see, mine is different than Beckah's.  We all have our own approach to doing the tangles, lighter or heavier pressure of the pen, smaller and larger elements of the pattern, etc.  So everyone's value scale will most likely be different.  Squinting your eyes does make all the difference in seeing the subtle changes in value.  And after studying mine a bit more, I may even rearrange them!

Day 8 value scale

Here's day#8 tile.  After completeing my tile today, all I could think of was "there I go again, being Dramatic!"  I had only tried Vega once before several months ago, however, I have done Purk several times, but you'd never know it by today's tile.  I really like Purk too.  I am so enjoying seeing and admiring everyone's work, and using the heart string was a great idea!  (I liked the way the Micron flowed so smoothly over the Bristol Board, while doing the pattern value exercise)
Cris, I really like that you posted both of your tiles...I really like them both, but the second one with the added shading has so much more form and value.  I love seeing both of them together like that!  Very nice!!!
Thanks for posting Beckah's Day#5 comments and her tile, which is lovely!  Overall it has such an organic feel to it and it flows so well...reminds me of flower vines growing up a trellis...a forshadowing of Spring?!

Day  8 OZAD

Another thing that helps in determining your tonal values is to look at them from a distance, especially in a room with low light. That is a trick I used to use when determining tonal values for quilts.
Finally, we have from Ellen Gozeling:
Here is my tile for day 8. I love using shading to make belief the drawing is 3D. I like how my tile worked out. But seeing the photo, maybe I will redo the shading on the ball.
Day 8
I am excited that we have two new CZTs joining the club. Elaine Huffman sent in ATCs for Day 5 and Day 7.  See the updated posts and Mary Sergeant has her Day 1 post linked via Mr. Linkey. 

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