Wednesday, February 13, 2013

OZAD - Day 9: Drawing on Black Paper

Your Wednesday hostess, Ellen, writes:
Last week just went too fast! Had a lot of fun appointments, went to 2 museums, and had a Zentangle 101 class. Another 5 addicts ;)
And between all this I made time to draw from OZAD. And I'm so glad I put myself up to this! Sometimes I don't draw because there is something else that "needs" to be done. But now my daily routine is back and I love it!
For today I did 2 tiles. And to remind me of the difference between drawing on white and drawing on black, I copied the tiles of day 1 and day 7.
I like how it turned out. They look te same AND are completely difference.
I use the white Gelly Roll pen. But I'm very tempted to buy the Souffl├ę pen, because the tile on page 42 looks great.
I hope you all have fun today. And to "see" you next week.
Day 9 like day 1Day 9 like day 7
I really like seeing them side by side. Thanks, Ellen.
I just made a single ATC, but I used a white charcoal pencil, white Prismacolor (soft lead), white Verithin Prismacolor (hard lead), and a white watercolor pencil. I had fun trying to "shade" with white.
Day 9
From Maria Vennekens:
I tried several black tiles before but never liked the result. For this day I glued dark paper in my calendar. I used linear patterns because my experience is that  they work the best. I used only a little white to give accents to the patterns.
IMG 8180
Angela Werner took this lesson in an entirely different direction:
The white gelly roll pen is not in my future, I don't think. It just doesn't attract me so far. I think it's too harsh for the black tile. So, I chose to do my first black tile ever, with three pens I've had around and never used. They are Gelly Roll by Sakura and they have a little star with a tail on the cap of the pen - the color of the pens were copper, gold, and teal. My instinct told me to stay simple and not fill in too many spaces and by all means forget shading. So, the tile emerged and I observed. I don't really have any strong feelings about the design or the experience other than to think there is less you can do effectively with the black tiles. But, I am looking forward to everyone else's ideas and I can't wait to see what all of you show for this lesson.Lesson 9 Black tile054
Angela said it is even more sparkly in person. Wish I could see it!  
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  1. What a wonderful work you all did! Thank you for sharing and giving me inspiration.


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