Thursday, February 14, 2013

OZAD - Day 9, part 2

Apologies for getting this out a day late. I was helping run concessions to help raise funds to send Birdie's band to the Fiesta Bowl next winter. It sounded like a lot of fun since Owl City, Neon Trees, and Maroon Five were playing and I like all those bands. I didn't count on how much less fun it is to be standing outside the concert than it is to be able to see and hear the music. And I didn't plan on not getting home until 1 am. I barely made it to the class I was teaching at 9 this morning.

So, without further ado, here are day 9 exercises from Sharon and Marty.  Look for Day 10 in a few minutes.

Sharon Matys writes:

This is my 3rd black tile ever... I do not enjoy this as much as the black pen on white. The gelly roll pen isn't as fine & you just don't get that nice tonal range on the black... maybe there are other pens that would be better? I also don't like the shading with the white pencil... once again, I didn't get the tonal value I normally get with my pencil & tortillion. 

I used the same heart string I used for day #8. I love that string, especially for valentine's day around the corner... but I was just interested to compare the 2 days... maybe I should have done the same tangles, to really compare.

I'm looking forward to going back to black on white tomorrow


I like the shading on the flux and the bouquet of fescue. Very clever.  Nice work, Sharon.

Marty Deckel, writes: 
Here is Day#9 tile-White Vs. Black.  It can be a bit mind-boggling to think in reverse at first with the black tiles...I like using the white Jelly Roll pen because it has a nice fine tip like the Micron.  When coloring in sections, I find that very little pressure is required for the ink to light, in fact, that the pen glides over the suface of the paper and the ink flows freely!  I tried the white charcoal pencil and the white colored pencil, and decided to shade with the colored pencil, although, I think that the charcoal makes a slightly brighter highlight.
Ellen, thanks for hosting today!
Day  9 OZAD

I like Marty's shading, especially the orbs in her nipa

When I was skimming over Marty's mail, at first I thought she said she shaded with a regular graphite pencil. Did you know it is possible to shade using a regular graphite pencil even on black tiles? Since the graphite is shiny, it can give a subtle look which can be quite pretty. It is similar to using the same shade of wall paint, but getting one in flat and the other in an eggshell or semi-gloss finish. I painted stripes that way in my living room and it is a nice subtle effect. 

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